Where IT Tech meets AV Experts

This session is dedicated to empowering the learning and sports experience in education establishments.

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IT’s Role in Defining the Future Higher Ed Classroom – Today

Where IT Tech meets AV Experts

This session is dedicated to empowering the learning and sports experience in education establishments. Today’s learners expect brilliant interactive learning with peers and faculty — simulation, games, audiovisual (AV) collaboration — that will help them solve problems and retain vital information. They expect an education experience which is inspiring and accessible beyond the campus. 

About the EcoCast.

In the EcoCast, Liam Hayter explores the AV technologies for higher education classrooms, that ensure seamless workflows across campus, in the cloud, and worldwide.

At Vizrt, we understand the expectations of the modern classroom and have a range of solutions to support from lecture capture and streaming via Viz Capturecast, to multi-camera production and virtual sets through the TriCaster, enabled by user-friendly, scalable and interoperable NDI® technology.

About Liam Hayter – a creative technologist with over 20 years’ experience within the education and media technology industry. As an expert architect in problem solving hybrid workflows, Liam shares his expertise and insights on how to enhance the learning experience in this new hybrid world, for today’s modern learners.

Who is the Webinar for
This webinar is ideal for IT Professionals in higher education, system integrators, AV users who play a pivotol role in choosing the best AV technology for the higher education classrooms. From remote collaboration, to student produced broadcasts, discover Vizrt’s powerful live video solutions including the TriCaster are reshaping the learning landscape.

Watch now to gain valuable knowledge and perspectives on bringing learning to life! – be part of a dynamic learning experience!

Presenters & Hosts

Liam Hayter, Senior Product Manager, Vizrt

Liam Hayter

Creative Technologist, Vizrt

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keith ward

Keith Ward

Moderator, ActualTech

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Who’s it for?​

Discover how Vizrt’s powerful live video solutions including the TriCaster are reshaping the learning landscape. From remote courses to student-produced broadcasts, witness how this technology is fostering creativity, accessibility, and convenience in education. 

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Our Solutions

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  • Perfect for productions with intense demands on quality and feature set for the modern producer, publisher and content creator
  • Live Call Connect for seamless integration of remote callers
  • Distributed production to allow users anywhere on the planet to deliver the most complex productions with ease
  • Tightest integration with NDI to enhance integrated flexibility.
  • Simple – All new entry level. Perfect for podcasters, influencers or streamers
  •  Skillful – Advanced graphics capabilities using Live Link
  •  Scalable – Support for great quality 1080/60p video. Offers  4 inputs, 2 MEs, 2 Layers and 2 Keyers
  • All The Connectivity You Need – The TriCaster Mini Go offers all the connectivity you need in one desktop box including 4 external sources with 2 x 2.5 Ghz network connections and 11 USB connections with a mix of USB 3.2, 2.0, and type C supporting resolutions up to 1080p/60 
  • Video technology connecting educators and learners 
  • Record & Stream – Camera, Screen, or document Viz CaptureCast simultaneously records and streams multiple sources in any room, moving automatically between different set-ups for each session – at the touch of a button.
  • Enrich & Automate – Built to record a single session or set to a semester-long timetable, Viz CaptureCast just works. Each recording is enriched with metadata so learners can immediately access content and search using keywords – jumping straight to the content they want when they want it.
  • Virtual & XR – Viz CaptureCast publishes to live platforms simultaneously, putting all-important content in the hands of learners everywhere. Tight integration with market-leading 3rd party platforms means CaptureCast has you covered, every step of the way.
  • Brand Like a Network – With built-in professional design elements, add even more sizzle and dramatic impact to replays and highlight reels.
  • Capture Every Angle – Serve up the best shot at the perfect moment and pump up the crowd with instant replay, slow-motion, custom animated transitions, and 3D warping video effects.
  • Make More Shows – Record every angle during the live event and capture everything you need to produce: weeks-in-review, coaches’ shows, recruitment reels, and promos.
  • Log Events Live – As fast as the action happens on the field or at the event, tag it with FastClip and find it later for replays, highlights, fan favorites, or bumpers.

In partnership with ActualTech Media, Future Group

Tune in to learn first-hand about optimizing your AV workflows for higher education – in campus and beyond


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