Viz Channel Branding Demo

Discover a new era of automated and dynamic branding with Viz Channel Branding

In this on-demand demo our experts are showcasing Vizrt’s powerful new automated branding and promo solution, Viz Channel Branding (the new name for Viz Multichannel)!

Discover how the solution has been rebuilt to introduce greater visibility, deeper automated control, and enhanced stability for your automated channel branding and promo needs.

What You’ll Learn

  • How easy it can be to keep viewers engaged and loyal with automated and scalable branding, promo, and channel cross-promotion across all linear, FAST, VOD, and OTT channels
  • How you can automatically populate pre-made graphics templates with graphics, video, audio and text using metadata, rules, and conditions – so you never have to manually amend graphics ever again
  • How new features such as Channel Deck give you much more confidence in your channel branding, providing a complete overview of your channels including any potential issues, what’s coming up next and video outputs – all from a single screen
  • How real-time integrations with your existing traffic and scheduling systems ensure the right branding is played out for the right content, every time – even when you make last-minute changes

Why You Should Watch On-Demand

There has never been a more significant threat to audience retention and advertising revenues, with research suggesting up to 50% of audiences “zap” to other content during ad breaks and traditional broadcaster viewing forecasted to shrink to below half (48%) of total video viewing by 2028.

Building a strong and recognizable brand and ensuring viewers are kept informed is more important than ever to help broadcasters win and retain audiences. Viz Channel Branding makes this possible – and easy.

If you’re involved with or responsible for channel branding, this on-demand demo will give you a thorough demo of the leading channel branding and promo solution, and includes the live Q&A session we had with the audience during the live broadcast – so watch it on-demand now!

Ready to learn more about Viz Channel Branding?

With Viz Channel Branding, it’s never been easier to keep viewers informed and engaged, and to build and maintain a consistent and high-quality brand image that viewers will recognize, value, and be loyal to.