Key features of Viz Story

  • Simple Browser Based Video Editing
  • Work on growing files; clip from live streams
  • Integrate with Viz One for content gathering
  • Associate metadata with Viz One for content re-use
  • Publish to Viz One for playout
  • Adaptive branding saves re-versioning
  • Templated 3D animated graphics
  • Data-driven graphics from feeds or files
  • Mix and match frame rates and formats
  • Subtitling support
  • Central media store and management
  • Multi-channel audio support

Viz Story saves time and money for digital media companies by helping to quickly and easily create captivating content with amazing graphics, and publishing out simultaneously across multiple platforms, in different brands and aspect ratios- all without specialist training.

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  • 1.Enhance productions: creating better stories for more broadcast and digital media viewers
  • 2.Increase productivity: generating larger amounts of visual based content to satisfy demand
  • 3.Drive efficiencies: publishing quickly by the entire creative staff from anywhere

Create greater quantities of content with Viz Story easy editing. Comprehensive editing capabilities dramatically increases your speed, efficiency, and output of production without compromising quality.

The choice of graphics

Designed to enable your visual story to be simply enhanced with state-of-the-art 3D animated graphics, Viz Story helps maintain brand integrity across channels. Using templated 3D animated graphics means you no longer have to sacrifice quality for speed as they are designed and configured once and made available system-wide for easy re-use ensuring uniform, professional looking edited packages. Videos are automatically adapted behind the scenes, for a different look and feel across channels or between your departments. Integration with Viz One provides management of producing stories with and without graphics.

Publishing to all channels

Automatic adaption to a variety of aspect ratios such as portrait and square, means that your edited stories can be simultaneously published ready for broadcast, web and social media. This means you can reach your audiences everywhere. You can mix and match frame rates and formats using video from multiple source devices and automatically convert different file types. Viz Story eliminates the need for re-versioning, lightening the load on editing teams, cutting waiting time for adapting and rendering multiple versions of the same story. Publish to a Viz One placeholder in a rundown enables reliable broadcast delivery.

Production management

Viz One production workflow management integration supports working with live streams and growing files for clipping highlights and key moments from happening events, to share with and grow your audience on all channels. The Viz One Studio Stack acts as a project bin for asset collection to be used in Viz Story. Access Viz One metadata forms and add metadata to content you create that is indexed and tagged correctly for efficient re-use.

Al Hadath journalists bring their vision to air with Viz Story

Video placeholder
  • Publishing targetsUnlimited
  • Uploaded images4,000 daily
  • Broadcasting24/7

With Viz Story, I can take control of the package creation. It allows us to produce our stories in a shorter time and more accurate way.

Badih YounesSenior journalist, Al Arabiya & Al Hadath News.


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