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Welcome to Viz University

Our goal is to help all Vizrt users to use our solutions and products successfully and in the most efficient way: With our online courses for designers, operators or technicians, you can learn how to create amazing results. Our top experts guide you through the first steps, introduce you to the main workflows and show you how to develop more advanced user skills. The video-based courses also help experienced users to discover new functionality fast.


Vizrt Customer

Vizrt customers can access the entire Viz University course catalogue. Discover Viz U now and explore what the latest courses have to offer.


Looking for Viz Artist training? Viz University offers top-of-the-line free online courses created by our own Vizrt experts. Learn everything you need to become a Viz Artist Designer through self-paced, online courses.

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Viz University offers the training materials you need to prepare for your certification exam and to become a Vizrt Certified Professional.

Certified professionals

The Certified Professionals are expert users of Vizrt products. Join their ranks by taking the challenge and getting certified!