Viz Libero Teams

Boost your team’s performance and tactical understanding. Viz Libero Teams offers the perfect solution for the coach and players to analyze and evolve the team tactics – giving a unique view of every angle of every play.

Key features

  • Automatic player tracking
  • Virtual perspectives
  • Playlist editor
  • 50+ different tools
  • Dynamic measurements
  • On-field graphics
  • Integrate player performance data
  • 3D camera flights
  • Available for all sports

Use Viz Libero Teams to your advantage by facilitating tactical conversation between coach and players, build and visualize complex plays with intuitive drawings and improve player performance and tactical understanding.

This is the most powerful analysis solution available for any sport and the system is quick and easy to install with users able to learn to create advanced analysis in minutes.

Viz Libero Teams is a mobile solution that can be used on laptops, so teams can show analysis in the locker room, training center or even directly on the field.

It offers a tight integration with Hudl Sportscode, the leading tagging and logging software, to easily transfer projects between the two programs.

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