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Vizrt pioneered virtual set (VS) and augmented reality (AR), and today continues to push the boundaries of what is possible. With a combination of efficient newsroom workflows for journalists, integration with advanced tracking systems, and rendering with the world’s most powerful real-time graphics engine and video playout server, Viz Engine, Viz Virtual Studio is the global standard for live virtual sets and AR productions.

Advanced live virtual sets and AR graphics


Easy setup of studios and outdoor or event productions


Freely definable tracking data protocols


Used for virtual sets and immersive graphics

  • 3D virtual sets
  • Custom templates
  • Supports HD & UHD
  • Built-in chroma keyers
  • Intuitive interface
  • Talent reflection
  • Extensive plug-in effects
  • Newsroom integration
  • Defocus effects
  • Recording of tracking data
  • Color correction on inputs
  • Easily expandable
  • Lens calibration tools
  • Third-party graphics control
  • Co-cyc and holdout matte

Storytelling that engages audiences

The latest edition of Viz Virtual Studio is underpinned by the groundbreaking advances of Viz Engine 5, the world’s most powerful and versatile real-time graphics platform which simplifies workflows and elevates creativity. An enriched and value-added integration with Unreal Engine®️, including control of Unreal assets, inspires producers to tell stories that connect with audiences – easily and in any size studio.

Create interactive 3D virtual sets, augmented reality graphics, and mixed reality presentations which increase program loyalty and ratings by leveraging graphic elements – both in front of and behind the presenter. Viz Virtual Studio lets the presenter walk through 3D spaces as the camera moves with them and as they intuitively interact with virtual charts or other types of infographics that help tell your story.

Indoor and outdoor productions

Viz Virtual Studio allows augmented reality graphics to be used outdoors with the same ease as in the studio. Augmented reality graphics are increasingly being used for outdoor productions including election coverage, and live sports productions. Viz Virtual Studio integrates with any tracking provider allowing complete flexibility for using graphics in any environment.

Flexible tracking integration

Viz Virtual Studio converts the tracking data coming from any mechanical or image-based tracking system—or a combination of the two—and converts it to camera data that can be used by Viz Engine. Even complex rigs with error compensation, like gyros, can be defined. Viz Virtual Studio can distribute tracking information to several Viz Engines and includes failover functionality for redundant Viz Virtual Studio setups, as well as its own time base for systems that may not be running in sync.

New in Viz Virtual Studio

Viz Virtual Studio’s Tracking Hub now supports embedding UDP tracking data, received from a PTZ camera, into the NDI metadata stream. Tracking Hub can receive and embed any number of NDI streams, and Viz Engine is able to switch between multiple NDI streams with tracking data.

Other improvements include improved Motion Capture handling of up to five people, enhanced Cyc/CoCyc management, and superior analysis of tracking data timing.

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Viz Virtual Studio 1.6.0

December 15, 2022: The latest version includes several new features and improvements, plus bug fixes. These include support for PTZ Cameras with NDI Video Out and embedded UDP Tracking Data, improved MoCap handling for up to five people, enhanced Cyc/Co-Cyc management, and more. The installers and documentation are found in /products/VizTrackingHub/Latest Individual Installers.