Gen Z and the Decline of

Traditional News Consumption

The way in which people engage with the news is changing – and rapidly. Not so long ago, legacy media news content, including daily news programs at specific times, was still the dominant method of consumption. And the format of regular news digests – a staple of live broadcasting since the 1950s – had retained its appeal across generations.

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Inside, you’ll discover:

  • The Power of Graphics: Learn how graphics can transform your content, making it more impactful and appealing across diverse platforms.
  • Mainstream Magic: Explore how graphics have the potential to launch your news content into the mainstream, captivating audiences on every outlet.
  • Vizrt’s Innovation in Action: See how industry leaders like TVNZ and GB News leverage Vizrt’s graphics solutions to create news content tailored for Gen Z.
  • Stay Ahead of the Game: Uncover the need for broadcasters to optimize their coverage for all viewers.

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