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Any production can benefit from the power of Viz AI, and nowhere is the need more clear than in the fast-moving, data-dense world of sports broadcast. Below you’ll find various implementations of this paradigm-shifting technology in the Vizrt portfolio.


Object Tracker

The Vizrt Object Tracker is a fully software-driven system to track multiple objects on screen and apply real-time graphics to them

Advanced Keyer

The Advanced Keyers developed for Viz Arena, Vizrt’s pioneering solution for real-time virtual 3D graphics for sports, utilize Viz AI to intelligently handle the ambient conditions of different sports. Based on dedicated algorithms trained for each sport, AI-powered keying translates into unprecedented visual quality for editorial graphics and virtual advertising.


3D Flights – Object cut-out

Virtual 3D Flights is a unique and one of the most used features of Viz Libero. By creating deceptively realistic virtual camera-to-camera flights, producers can take their viewers beyond what they can see through stadium cameras and show any match situation from different angles.

Viz AI removes the time-consuming task of manually drawing the outlines of players to generate object cut-outs. With the operator only identifying the objects and the algorithm doing everything else, creating 3D Flights only takes a fraction of time.

5 ways Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will make sports broadcasting smarter

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are buzzwords in many fields, including visual storytelling like broadcasting, especially sports. From visualization to assisted coaching, AI and ML are changing the world of sports as we know it.


Broadcasting News

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Vizrt and Octopus

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Case Studies


Drive quality through automation

As broadcasters increasingly need to produce more with the same resources, deploying production automation becomes a given and not an option. Getting the best of simplified operations and advanced device control, great production automation provides high quality output and increased speed to air while eliminating mistakes and lowering operational costs.

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Israel Lottery streamlines TV drawings with Viz Opus

For Israel’s Channel 2, producing the telecasts of the country’s lottery presented a unique set of challenges.

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