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Based on unrivaled image-based tracking, advanced keying technology powered by Viz AI, superior downstream workflows, and comprehensive control, Viz Arena superimposes hyper-real virtual 3D graphics over any live sports coverage in a simple workflow.

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Unlock new revenues with live virtual advertising

  • Insert virtual sponsor logos and advertising in any environment
  • Amplify your advertising and sponsoring inventory
  • Increase the potential of campaigns with regionalized outputs
  • Ads Logger recording on-air minutes

Create descriptive live insights for an immersive experience

  • Editorial AR and branding - line-ups, team and player presentations
  • Live data visualization -  player tracking, heatmaps, distances
  • Freekick Distance and Circle, Offside Line
  • Down & Distance

Advanced technology – flexible and easy to operate

  • Market leader for Image-based tracking - no equipment required at the venue
  • State-of-the-art downstream workflows – automated and 100% fail-safe
  • Advanced Keyers  powered by Viz AI
  • Open API for data integration and control of graphics
  • Adapts to every sport and environment, outside or inside

Viz Arena innovates ways to raise the production value of any sports broadcast. Real-time 3D virtual graphics (AR) can be applied to every sports event - over the stands, completely unobtrusive beneath the players in a stadium or court, on a racing track, or on an uneven golf course. You can create and use any kind of augmented reality graphics to provide more insights into the game or event, such as down and distance lines, offside lines, heatmaps, player line-ups, or replay graphics to review critical referee calls. All graphics can be shown live as the game unfolds or as quick in-game replays.

Create your competitive advantage

Viz Arena enables you to remain attractive to your audiences, advertising clients, and sponsors by enhancing your offering with immersive live sports experiences that build viewer loyalty and coverage uptake.

Used for Virtual Advertising, you can amplify the commercial value of your rights by lifting revenue constraints given by physical limitations. Viz Arena enables you to extend your advertising and sponsoring portfolio to more assets, increase effectiveness by enabling it to be split amongst multiple sponsors, and multiply the performance of existing inventories with regionalized, targeted brand messages - for every event and any sport.

Keying excellence powered by Viz AI

Viz AI automates keying based on dedicated algorithms trained for each sport, significantly improving the visual quality of graphics-enhanced sports productions. The Advanced Keyers powered by Viz AI automatically solve specific ambient conditions traditional keyers could not solve.

The Advanced Soccer Keyer mitigates the effects of changing daylight conditions and strong sun/shadow contrast in stadia, whereas the Advanced Basketball Keyer masters court reflections and similar foreground/background keying colors.

Without manual interaction by the operator, the system ensures flawless appearance for inserted graphics every time, resulting in real and virtual logos, cam carpets, and banners that are indistinguishable.

Advanced Cut detection – Automated perfection

Viz Arena's Cut Detection is purpose-built for fast-paced live sports production. Fully automated and without manual intervention by the operator, the feature activates and disables virtual graphics on the program feed in a downstream workflow - 100% fail-safe. It is the only solution on the market that solves the challenge of frame-accurately handling virtual graphics during any camera transition – hard, soft-cuts, and wipes, so they remain perfectly positioned regardless of the perspective.

Simple control

Viz Arena leverages the unique capabilities of Viz Arc, Vizrt's innovative AR control application, and combines unmatched tracking and keying capabilities with Viz Arc's control flexibility out of one GUI.

It combines all functionalities to control the processes and operations essential for advanced graphics, such as playlists, rundowns, data integration, or line-ups with unrivaled tracking, keying, positioning, and triggering of the graphics directly from a single interface.

Operators benefit from Viz Arc's comfort and simplicity, making operating in a fast-paced live environment convenient and error-free.

You can even build your own GUI with Preview Video available as an NDI®️ feed to trigger all live commands.

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Live Video Ingest – one or multiple camera feeds

  • Image-based tracking, no equipment needed at the event
  • One or multiple camera feeds to add virtual graphics
  • Robust keying, powered by Viz AI
  • Use for any sport or outdoor location; no regular geometry required

Up- or downstream workflow, on-site or at the production center

  • Flexible setup - on-site or in a downstream workflow
  • Calibration and control of graphics and keyer with a single interface by one operator
  • Advanced Keying and Cut Detection
  • Data-driven graphics to enable a fully automatic workflow

Flexible and scalable output, all video formats

  • Flexible choice of playout - fill & key or a composited video signal
  • Multiple output formats for any platform: TV, online, OTT, or on-site video displays
  • Multiple, regionalized outputs with targeted advertising

Viz Arena 5.1

2 August 2022: Viz Arena's unrivalled tracking functionalities have been extended to AI-powered keying technology trained for Soccer and Basketball, fail-safe Advanced Cut detection, a fully integrated Viz Arc and an open control API. With this release, Viz Arena is becoming smarter, more flexible and more convenient to operate, making it easy to raise the production value of any sports coverage with live 3D virtual graphics.