Live sports immersion and monetization

Add any virtual 3D graphics (AR) over the live coverage of every sporting event with Viz Arena. The virtual graphics tool gives the ability to add locked-in virtual ads for additional monetization options to your live production.

Viz Arena is the perfect solution to monetize and enhance your sports rights during live broadcasts. Virtual graphics are easily added as augmented reality (AR) graphics over the crowd in a stadium, or completely unobtrusive beneath the player on the field. You can easily scale up the number of output feeds to provide different graphics and sponsors for different regions.


Visualize the dynamics of the game for the fans at home or in the stadium. You can use and create any kind of augmented reality graphics to provide more insights to the game / event,  such as down and distance lines, heatmaps, player lineups or replay graphics to review critical referee calls. The flexibility of Viz Arena allows integration with any type of sports data, like live player tracking or scoreboard information for ‘down and distance’. All graphics can be shown live as the game unfolds or as quick in-game replays.


Viz Arena virtual graphics can be applied to every sport event and under any condition; from flat soccer fields, to race courses and to uneven golf greens. The calibration process and the handling of the graphics will be identical. This guarantees a consistent workflow, easy setup, and minimal training for the operators. Viz Arena relies on a compact and mobile one-box hardware solution.


Viz Arena handles most sports with a sophisticated image-based camera tracking engine (e.g. Soccer, American Football, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, Tennis, Rugby, Kabadi, Handball or Volleyball). Based on state-of-the-art image processing technology, Viz Arena can track cameras in real-time based on a video feed. This makes it possible to apply graphics to the field from the studio using only a program feed (clean or dirty) without the need of mechanical tracking heads. An automatic image-cut detection helps to activate and disable the graphics on the calibrated cameras.

In various shootouts the Viz Arena technology has proven to provide the cleanest output for customers. Sponsors like to embrace the solution due to its state-of-the-art camera tracking and keying technology that guarantees the best quality and appearance of their brands.

  • 01.Unlock new revenues with virtual graphics on field.
  • 02.Provide fans with additional insights and an immersive experience
  • 03.Quick setup and easy operation that allow scaling for multiple feeds.

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Powerful features

Limitless virtual graphic insertion into any field, pitch, or match.

  • AR graphics for sports
  • Virtual ads
  • Down & distance
  • Camera tracking & keying
  • Data-driven graphics
  • Offside lines & freekick distance
  • One-box solution
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Downstream production workflow
  • Multiple outputs for different regions
  • Instant replay effects
  • Available for every sport


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