Ultimate control of Virtual Studio and AR Graphics

Viz Arc masters the complexity of Augmented Reality and Virtual Set productions for media companies to maximize creative storytelling from an innovative control application using a single interface.

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  • 1.Maximize your storytelling ability with AR and virtual sets
  • 2.Easy set up of virtual sets, keying and AR graphics
  • 3.Intuitive user interface for controlling live graphics
  • Control AR and virtual sets
  • Map AR graphics to floor plans
  • Import Viz Artist and Unreal 4 templates
  • Control multiple Viz Engines
  • Improve looks with keyer and colour control tools
  • Trigger multiple functions with command buttons
  • Deploy quickly and smoothly
  • Operate and configure without programming skills
  • Communicate with tracking devices
  • Preview with NDI video sources
  • Manage textures for use in scenes
  • Control PTZ cameras using NDI

Viz Arc is an augmented reality control system, which allows users to drive AR graphics and virtual sets from a single interface. Simple and quick to deploy, Viz Arc is easy to use on a daily basis and even provides set up of AR elements by mapping to various locations

Easy system integration 

Viz Arc integrates with XR Set, one of the Solutions of Vizrt's recently launched Extended Reality Suite, Viz Virtual Studio and Vizrt's tracking hub, and operates with multiple Viz Engine compositing and rendering systems simultaneously.

Viz Arc includes control of the Fusion keyer functionality integrated with Viz Engine 4, and it also provides direct access to Viz Artist and Unreal 4 templates. NDI® for video preview and PTZ camera control can be incorporated.

Fusion Keyer control

Viz Arc includes control of the new Fusion Keyer allowing users to perfectly immerse the presenter into a virtual environment, giving a clean, unobtrusive key and ultra-realistic results.

It uses the latest techniques, including light-wrapping, a denoiser, and multiple mattes, amongst others. Viz Arc's control of the Fusion Keyer includes a simple Colour Picker to select a sample from the set or location and various fine-tuning adjustment tools to create the perfect blending between AR and Virtual Set backgrounds.

Simple Calibration

An easy to use calibration feature enables operators to get AR graphics up and running very quickly with minimal equipment requirements.

Set mapping

Viz Arc eases the challenge of placing AR elements in the studio or outdoor environments with an innovative set mapping tool that displays a representation of the set or map of the outdoor environment.

Users can place graphics on the map and adjust virtual camera views to set the perfect angle in relation to the set and objects. 

A lite version of Viz Arc that includes control of the Fusion Keyer is available as a free component of Viz Engine 4. 

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Viz Arc 1.5

April, 12th 2022: Viz Arc 1.5 is a minor release for Viz Arc and the upgrade contains numerous improvements that improve several aspects of Viz Arc core functionalities, including the introduction of control for the brand new Object Tracker, powered by Viz AI.