Viz CaptureCast™
Viz CaptureCast™

Viz CaptureCast™

Viz CaptureCast™ is a centralised network-based appliance, that enables the Capture, Composition, Streaming and Publishing of classrooms, meeting rooms and events; to anywhere in the world – through industry leading integrations with Kaltura, Panopto, Opencast and more – all using the power of NDI®.

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IP-based lecture capture and micro-broadcasting services that connect any room on campus or any meeting space to anywhere in the world – thanks to the power of NDI®

The Guide to Lecture Capture

Video Technology connection spaces and audiences like never before

Viz CaptureCast is built to suit your needs and scale up or down to as many or as few spaces as you are working with. This technology is at home in just about every scenario where you want to connect content with people

  • Lectures & Classes
  • Meetings
  • Live Events &Townhalls
  • Training Sessions
  • Courtroom Proceedings
  • Manufacturing Processes

Record & Stream

Camera, screen or document – Viz CaptureCast simultaneously records and streams multiple sources in any room, moving automatically between different set-ups for each session – at the touch of a button.

Enrich & Automate

Built to record a single session or set to a semester-long timetable, Viz CaptureCast just works. Each recording is enriched with metadata so learners can immediately access content and search using keywords – jumping straight to the content they want when they want it.

Virtual & XR

Viz CaptureCast publishes to live platforms simultaneously, putting all-important content in the hands of learners everywhere. Tight integration with market-leading 3rd party platforms means CaptureCast has you covered, every step of the way.

Viz CaptureCast Product Guide

Viz CaptureCast Spaces is built to grow

With optional CaptureCast™ Spaces subscriptions, you can start with single space workflows, and scale as your AV needs grow. Build presentation and teaching spaces with ethernet connectivity though simple to use NDI® AV-over-IP devices, such as: Vizrt PTZ Cameras, Viz Connect Solo Converters, even personal mobile devices through the included CaptureCast Camera apps.

See how CaptureCast can help drive better outcomes!

Advanced Features Delivering Exceptional Experiences

Packed with ground-breaking technology, Viz CaptureCast is a multi-input, multi-room recording and live streaming solution that has been designed to bring the awesome communication power of video to remote, hybrid, and on-demand scenarios across a multitude of education, training, corporate, and government experiences.

Multi-Media Recording

Your audience will always have the best seat in the class: record up to 6 NDI|HX inputs or 8 NDI inputs concurrently to capture every teaching moment in high definition (1080/60p).

Smart Workflows

There are only so many hours in the day – from cameras to documents, presentations to smartphones, Viz CaptureCast automates complex and time-consuming workflows and manages the process for you, from beginning to end.


Flexible Scheduling

Leaving the teacher or presenter to focus on what they do best: built-in event calendar to automate start and stop time of every lecture for completely hands-off operation.

We’ve done our homework on teamwork

Tried and tested integrations with best-of-breed providers like Panopto, Kaltura, Opencast, Vimeo, YouTube and many more mean you can create seamless end-to-end workflows for the top results every time.

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Let Viz CaptureCast do the work – high-quality video content can be automatically recorded and streamed to an audience easily. Stream one or multiple inputs to multiple streaming providers while concurrently live recording.

Web-Based Control Interface

Viz CaptureCast can be controlled right from a browser, using an intuitive control interface, giving the visual storyteller or educator the freedom to concentrate on their day, safe in the knowledge that they are always in control.


Presentation Extraction

Smart features like built-in Presentation Extraction can automatically recognize and index presentation slides and text from the stream, making it easier to search and playback later.

Viz CaptureCast Command Center

Viz CaptureCast Command Center

All devices, all streams – one centralized management system. Have ultimate visibility of each Viz CaptureCast unit on your network, in real time.

CaptureCast Command Center workflow

Monitor & Manage Devices

With Command Center, you can configure, monitor, and control every single unit on your network in one centralized place – giving total peace of mind.

Real-time Audio & Visual Feedback

Check-in on every video and audio input on every single recorder in your fleet. See at a glance which recorders are offline, which need updates, and which need to have their inputs checked.

High-Level Schedule Monitoring

View the schedule for every single recorder in your fleet in an easy-to-understand timeline view. See which recordings are ongoing, and which have successfully finished, and quickly deal with any failures.