Vizrt PTZ3 
Vizrt PTZ3 

Vizrt PTZ3

Simple, Flexible, Uncompromising.

Vizrt PTZ3

Simple, Flexible, Uncompromising.

A world of new PTZ Capabilities at your fingertips

The Vizrt PTZ3 Camera is the very best and easiest way to acquire live video for input into any workflow – raising the bar for PTZ Cameras everywhere.

NDI. Better.

Vizrt PTZ3 is the world’s first camera to offer NDI®|HX3. Delivering better video with reduced latency – using a fraction of the bandwidth.

Audio. Better.

Better than ever audio is now possible with the Professional XLR audio input available in the PTZ3 Camera.

Connect. Better.

The PTZ3 can be added into a workflow with one ethernet cable for audio and video, PTZ control, tally, and PoE for power.

A PTZ Camera like no other

The Vizrt PTZ3 allows video professionals, information technology managers, and system designers to explore new ways to expand, grow, and evolve their video productions using the network, while simultaneously streamlining integration and installation by incorporating power over Ethernet.

  • Offers NDI®|HX3 support
  • Support for sophisticated devices with Professional XLR audio connection
  • Available in Black and White body colors
  • One ethernet cable for audio and video, PTZ control and tally
  • Compatible with NDI version 5
  • Smooth, motor-driven pan-tilt-zoom operation and movement between presets
  • Integrated and automatic tally support via NDI®
  • Native support for HD video formats up to 1080p 60

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Advanced Flexibility and Simplicity

With one cable for power and connectivity, no other camera on the market offers this level of simplicity and control; eliminating the need for, and the increasing cost of, long cable runs, complex setups, and management time to maintain.

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A Future-Proofed PTZ Camera

Vizrt NDI|HX PTZ3 offers countless new elements that add quality, simplicity and flexibility ensuring users can maintain pace with the evolving needs of any production.

Embedded FreeD camera positioning metadata over NDI|HX

Unlock new creative possibilities and easily create immersive experiences that captivate your audience FreeD-over-NDI support, is the world’s first implementation of the camera tracking protocol over NDI|HX. Released on the new Vizrt PTZ3 PLUS and UHD PLUS cameras, this feature is now available for users of the original PTZ3 and PTZ3 UHD cameras via a free firmware upgrade.

Embedding the FreeD protocol’s precise camera tracking information – including position, rotation, and lens data – into every frame through NDI|HX further simplifies the setup of AR/VR systems like Viz Virtual Studio Go.

NDI at its best.

NDI|HX3 puts the user in control; striking the perfect balance of quality and efficiency with zero compromise. This new standard offers the quality and low latency of full NDI without the heavy bandwidth usage.

Advanced Audio

The PTZ3 has brought the need for superior audio right into focus with the Professional XLR audio input. Audio devices such as microphones and sound mixers are now easily connected.

Seamless Movement

The PTZ3 offers far superior visual quality with much smoother movement between camera presets and an improved lens and sensor meaning this all-new camera is as at home in low light environments like studios as in brighter classrooms or hospitals.

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Better Connected Than Ever

Offering Tally, control, power, audio and video all using a single cable, the PTZ3 also includes the latest in NDI with NDI|HX3 and Professional XLR audio connectivity, for the very first time.


July 9th, 2024 | Upgraded Vizrt PTZ3 PLUS and  UHD PLUS cameras have launched, offering exceptional HD to UHD picture quality, 20-30x optical zoom, great low-light performance, and phantom-powered audio inputs, combining quality hardware with intelligent production-enhancing features, including AI presenter tracking and FreeD-over-NDI®|HX. All in a sleek, discrete body that blends in to any space.