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Cost-effective graphics: Viz Flowics helps South Korean broadcaster optimize news production

Regional channel TBC realizes goal to manage all its graphics creation in-house, and significantly reduce operational costs by switching to Vizrt’s HTML5 graphics platform

Warner Bros. Discovery

Driving automated local news for 9News Australia

Nine turns to Viz Mosart, TriCaster® Mini 4K, and NDI® for a fully automated, single-operator-driven, cost-efficient production solution for locally-branded, NBN News

WELT Switches to a Software-Defined Vision with Vizrt

Engage eSport fans

Immerse your audience into the gaming action. From leagues and tournaments to esports in education create the best gaming experience for viewers, subscribers, and spectators.

WBRZ-TV Boosts News Nearly Twofold with Help of Viz Mosart

The automation system has enabled the station to program a second channel with three more hours of live, local news every weekday and to kickoff new weekend morning news.

Megolive Creates Superior Streaming with TriCaster® 2 Elite and NDI®

SXSW brings the world to Texas using TriCaster®

Vizrt plays pivotal role in making one of the world’s biggest conference and festivals accessible to anyone, anywhere.

World’s largest IP installation

Viz Multiplay

Controls content for massive studio LED walls

Viz Engines

Forty under the control of Viz Multiplay for five studios.

Viz One

Streamlines LED wall workflow.

When you have a company like Vizrt that is responsive to what you are asking for, that works with you day in and day out as needed when you are launching new things, that provides that level of support that you need, for example to inter-operate across an IP infrastructure that no one else in the world has built yet, that says something.

Lisa Pedrogo
VP, NY Engineering & Strategic Ixnitiatives
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