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Break down barriers to cloud with automated deployments of end-to-end live production environments in the cloud in minutes.

The significant IT time, effort, and expertise required to correctly and securely deploy live production tools in the cloud mean many content creators fall at the first hurdle and miss out on the many benefits that cloud offers.

Viz Now is an award-winning free-to-use automated deployment tool that breaks down these barriers to cloud, enabling easy deployment of truly end-to-end on-demand live production capacity in under 15 minutes, at the click of a button.

With Viz Now, anyone involved in live productions – including non-technical staff – can easily and automatically deploy, access, and manage templated and pre-configured live production environments in the cloud.

Viz Now makes it easy to deploy and access all the live production tools you need to remotely collaborate and produce amazing content, from 4K switching and broadcast quality graphics through to audio mixing and intercom, seamlessly connecting ground to cloud through NDI®.

Learn more about what barriers to cloud Viz Now breaks down, and how it works in our launch blog post!

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Automatically create new live production capacity on-demand in minutes, not weeks, with Viz Now


Easily deploy and access all the tools you need to create and collaborate, from anywhere, whenever you need them

every time

Protect your content by deploying with cloud security best practices, every time

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Enable your teams to produce high-quality content, from anywhere

By automatically integrating NDI® and free NDI tools such as NDI® Bridge, Viz Now connects your cloud-based live production tools with the talent and cameras that are still on the ground, either in a studio or on-location.

Pre-configured and templated end-to-end live productions

Through Viz Now, you can deploy, access, and manage Vizrt and 3rd party production tools in the cloud in minutes, including Viz Vectar Plus for 4K switching, Viz Trio and Viz Engine for broadcast quality graphics, Viz Mosart for studio automation, Viz Libero for sports analysis, Viz Arena for AR graphics and virtual advertising, Telos Infinity VIP for intercom, Harrison Mixbus VBM for audio mixing, and 3Play 3P2 by Viz Now for replay capabilities, for complete confidence in your production capabilities, all connected by NDI®.

Pre-configured and templated ready for instant use, Viz Now guarantees minimal setup effort and configuration, and ensures you can rely on your live production technology, every time.

Save weeks of IT time and cost

Save your IT Team’s precious time by enabling anyone – even non-technical production staff – to automatically deploy new production capacity in minutes at the click of a button, with no IT skills needed.

Automating the deployment process saves significant IT engineering time, ensures security best practices are used for every deployment, and means new production capacity can be created – and deleted – as and when needed in minutes, significantly reducing IT costs and production carbon footprint.

Døds Federation breaks through barriers to cloud-based live production with Viz Now

Rapidly growing niche sport, Dødsing, dives headfirst into cloud-based live productions for the “Death Diving” World Tour 2022

Working with the cloud helped reduce our costs and carbon footprint as we had no need to ship hardware, or people to Texas

Stine Brun Kjeldaas
Head of Sports and Media, The International Døds Federation

Connecting ground to cloud through NDI®


Viz Now is software-as-a-service (SaaS) hosted and maintained by Vizrt, which then automatically deploys the live production tools you select into your own Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. In short – Vizrt manages Viz Now, and the customer operates and manages the deployed products. This ensures you maintain full control over what has been deployed, and can benefit from negotiating your own AWS pricing.

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