WBRZ-TV Boosts News Nearly Twofold with Help of Viz Mosart


For WBRZ-TV in Baton Rouge, La., Viz Mosart control room automation made it a financially sound decision to begin programming a second channel with three hours of live, local news every weekday.


In 2018 WBRZ, faced a serious challenge, how to double their live production capabilities with their existing production team. With the implementation of the Viz Mosart automation system, WBRZ was able to program a second channel with three more hours of live, local news every weekday and to kickoff new weekend morning news. 


Find out how WBRZ doubled their live production capabilities with their existing production team.

Usability and the ease with which staff could learn the systems were key factors as well. “One of the things that I will say is great about our company is there were no staff reductions with Viz Mosart,” says Trey Schmaltz, WBRZ-TV assistant director of news. “Lots of places would have scaled back. We did none of that. We kept everyone on staff, and they were retrained on how to use Viz Mosart. That was important since we are a locally owned family company.” 

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WBRZ-TV Boosts News Nearly Twofold with Help of Viz Mosart

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