Software based real-time object tracking

The Vizrt Object Tracker, powered by Viz AI, is a software-based system to track multiple objects in real-time to add graphics and enhance viewer experience.


Automatic tracking of multiple objects


Software-based solution for maximum flexibility


Track on any video feed to add graphics

Fast moving footage with a lot of action can make it difficult for viewers to grasp what is going on and what they are looking at. In the past it has sometimes been difficult for the graphics operator to identify individuals, cars, or other objects quickly enough to label them for the viewer. This is now a problem that belongs to the analog past, as Vizrt’s Object Tracker – powered by Viz AI – has made it possible to use a neural net to track the location of multiple on-screen objects at once, and then to add identifiers or even live data graphics to them automatically.

Viz AI-NASCAR-Fox Sports

A non-intrusive, software-based solution

Vizrt’s Object Tracker is fully software driven and can be set up quickly and used instantly. Substantial cost and high complexity plague alternative solutions that are bound by extremely specific hardware and narrow conditions to function well. The tracking can be applied to any video feed – SDI, NDI®, SMPTE-2110 or even playout from a video server or a replay system.

Soccer Object Tracker - Viz AI

A simple setup for stunning results

The Vizrt Object Tracker is applicable to any camera or video feed with relevant objects to track – no mechanical tracking or indeed any other physical setup is required at the venue. Multiple objects can be tracked by the same, single box solution – and tracking can be applied either upstream or downstream as necessary.

NASCAR 5 object tracker - Viz AI

A small step into a big future

The AI neural network can be trained to recognise any number of different objects – from cars to people to bicycles or anything else with a recognisable shape. This means that the limitation to the use of Object Tracker powered by Viz AI, is your imagination. Contact us today to learn more!

Taking sports to the next level with Viz AI

Vizrt’s new Object Tracker, powered by Viz AI, allows the detection and tracking of objects, in this case, race cars, over any incoming video feed. The simplicity and non-intrusiveness are some of the key strengths of the new object tracker – no complex camera tracking or other data inputs are required; a video signal is all you need to apply the groundbreaking AI technology.

Taking sports to the next level with Viz AI – on-demand demo

Object Tracker 1.0.1

June 9, 2022: This release contains improvements and bug fixes, including compatibility for Nvidia Ampere GPUs. The full release notes and the installer are available on the FTP: /products/ObjectTracker/Latest Version.

Vizrt bug fix release generic 3