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Mastering HTML5 Graphics: Enhancing Live Production with Visual Brilliance – Viz Flowics Webinar

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Viz Flowics webinar

Mastering HTML5 Graphics: Enhancing Live Production with Visual Brilliance

Hosted by the Broadcast Beat

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Viz Flowics Editor Interface

Speed up and streamline your next live production with Viz Flowics.

Viz Flowics is a game changer in live production. Vizrt’s cloud-native HTML5 graphics platform delivers speed, flexibility, accessibility, seamless data integrations, audience engagement mechanics and scalable performance – all in one easy to use interface.

Watch this on demand webinar hosted by Broadcast Beat to discover how Viz Flowics can elevate your next production.

This all-encompassing session is your gateway to the world of cloud-native HTML5 graphics, and Viz Flowics’ unique data connectors that simplify and speed up data integration. We delve into various aspects of live production, including the advantages of a lightweight cloud-native graphics solution, how the data connectors work, optimizing your return on investment, driving viewer participation, remote work capabilities – all done securely in the cloud.

During the webinar, we link up with customer BCC Live to explore their firsthand experiences and the benefits of using Viz Flowics.

From broadcasters and service providers to individual video streamers, HTML5 graphics are revolutionizing the way they work. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.

Webinar Agenda:

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A comprehensive overview of Viz Flowics, its core functionalities, and its impact to any broadcast vertical.

Exploring the seamless integration of Viz Flowics into the Vizrt portfolio, highlighting its added value and synergies.

Pretty much any content creator. An in-depth look at the diverse customer base that benefits from Viz Flowics, its unique data connectors and the remote playout solutions it offers.

A live demonstration of Viz Flowics to showcase its capabilities.

In-depth exploration of a real-world case study featuring BCC Live, a global livestreaming team behind the US Ironman events.

Open the floor for questions, discussions, and insights from the audience.

A brief look at some of the current development work at Viz Flowics, and what to expect at our upcoming events and offerings.

Our Solutions

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  • Online overlays for broadcast, streaming, and remote productions​
  • Integrate live data, social media and second-screen content​
  • Vast library of data connectors – set up in seconds​
  • Adaptive Graphics™ for multiplatform playout​
  • Enterprise-grade switching in the cloud or on-premises​
  •  State-of-the-art production tools in the cloud​
  • Simplified operation and advanced device control
  • Unified graphics workflow with Unreal Engine
  • Versatile control adaptable to diverse workflows
  • Unparalleled performance paired with photorealistic visuals, dynamic effects, and sophisticated compositing features
  • Simple, fast, and scalable for the changing business landscape​
  •  Flexible solutions for hybrid environments​
  • End-to-end IP-based live event production​
  • Native IP Replay in stunning 4K​
  • Powerful visual effects for powerful performances

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