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Viz Pilot is a template based system for journalists to create, manage, and deliver high volumes of top-quality content. Plan your news, sports, or election productions with state of the art graphics, animations, videos and images; all from an easy to use newsroom interface with live preview for the journalist and a workflow allowing for last minute changes up until air time.


  • A template-based workflow for creating branded graphics to be used during a live production
  • Reuse graphics and video assets for multiple rundowns and shows
  • Non-burnt in graphics workflow from craft editors to journalists to on-air
  • Browser-based journalist tool for Mac or PC

Newsroom Integration

Viz Pilot´s newsroom component integrates with all major newsroom systems: Dalet, ENPS, iNews, Octopus, OpenMedia, etc. It supports real-time preview and snapshots, giving the journalist full control of how a prepared news rundown will look. Video content is searched by keywords and the journalist edits the video and adds graphics to the video on a timeline. With Viz Pilot journalists are able to have multiple Transition Logic graphics on several timeline tracks, creating an overlap of the graphics. This gives a more sophisticated graphics presentation when the content is played to air from Viz Engine.

Viz Pilot Edge newsroom tool

Viz Pilot Edge is an HTML5 based web client that fully supports native HTML newsroom components without the need of a local installation. An optional plugin allows Viz Pilot Edge to run on legacy NRCS systems that do not support native HTML5. Additionally, Viz Pilot Edge can be used in a browser without the need of an NRCS, allowing content to be prepared without a MOS-based workflow. This capability allows users to prepare elements or timelines to be used later.

Playlist management

Viz Pilot includes a powerful multi-user playlist with real-time updates allowing multiple producers to update the playlist simultaneously. The playlist can also be automatically synchronized with a variety of applications, such as newsroom systems or other Vizrt systems such as Viz Trio.

Allow for last minute edits

With an integrated workflow from the newsroom to the control room, journalists can change graphic content, images and video timelines up until the moment content is played on air.

Multiplatform support

Graphic and video content can be played out automatically in a variety of formats, in real-time, for multiplatform distribution. Viewers on mobile devices, online, and on-air have the best possible viewing experience without the delay caused by transcoding.

Keep your brand design consistent

By using a variety of template forms, journalists can plan their rundowns by entering new data, adding images and videos in predefined graphic animations, and preview the result instantaneously. Day-to-day content creation can be totally independent from the design department.

Meta-graphics: linking graphics and video

Viz Pilot Edge supports the Meta-graphics workflow. Rather than burning graphics into video and rendering a final version of the clip, Meta-graphics lets editors and journalists edit graphics templates in Viz Pilot Edge and then save the graphics metadata alongside clean newly-edited video, saving both to the Viz One MAM system.

Dive into social media

Viz Pilot takes feeds from a comprehensive list of social media sources and displays the messages as they happen. Metadata can also be acquired and used to automatically create maps showing viewer location.

Order Management

Order Management tracks requests of media assets from editorial staff and the delivery of media assets by the creative staff. Built on top of Viz Pilot and Viz One, the system uses plug-in and API architectures to integrate with a central order management system. Users can access via a web interface or directly from inside the newsroom control system.

Viz Pilot Tech Specs

Key Features

  • Real-time 3D graphics
  • Preview while editing
  • MOS integration
  • Automation system control
  • Concepts and variants
  • Video server integration
  • Multiple channel control
  • Transition Logic
  • Integration with Non-Linear Editors (NLE)
  • Interactivity
  • Supports HD & 4K
  • Template-based graphics
  • Customizable workflow
  • Scripting (VBScript)

Integration with Vizrt Software

  • Preview and playout with Viz Engine
  • Graphics editing with Viz Artist
  • Playout scheduling with Media Sequencer
  • Browsing media assets in Viz One
  • Browsing media assets in Object Store
  • Customization by hosting Template Wizard templates
  • Loading playlists of Viz Pilot
  • Browsing maps with Viz World Client

Integration with 3rd Party software

  • MOS workflow with newsroom systems (ENPS, iNews, ...)
  • Database linking to contents within spreadsheets including MS Excel sheets (ADO interface)
  • Viz Trio as NLE effect editor in various NLE systems (Avid News Cutter, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Quantel)

Workflow diagram

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