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Vizrt’s packages for the world cup provide broadcasters a suite of turnkey and easy to use production systems to better engage with your viewers. Learn more about our World Cup packages.

Sports broadcasters operate in a fast-paced environment requiring production systems that are flexible, fast, and easy to use. Content rights owners must make the most of the game footage they have and expand it with informative content to gain a loyal audience.

Vizrt’s sports graphics and analysis products provide detailed and informative content live during a game as well as unique analysis post game. Virtual, interactive, and data-driven tools open up the possibilities broadcasters have for explaining content while viewers become engaged through social media interaction.

Case studies

Live graphics

Broadcasters and OB van operators worldwide use Viz Trio for live graphics production during sports events. With Viz Trio an operator controls a playlist of graphics and video that allows them to quickly make changes to content and trigger to air with a simple user interface. Graphics and video in the OB Van and studio are rendered using Vizrt’s real-time compositing engine, Viz Engine.

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Virtual graphics and ads

Place virtual 3D graphics live onto the playing field and capitalize on your sports content through targeted, multi-regional virtual advertising with Viz Arena. Visualize the dynamics of the game whether for reviewing critical referee decisions, measuring the athlete’s performance or to visually assist the viewers to focus on the key action of the game. Viz Arena is the perfect solution to superimpose any kind of virtual 3D graphics over the live coverage of every sporting event.

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Virtual advertising replacement

Viz Eclipse gives content owners the ability to insert targeted and unobtrusive region-specific virtual ads into field-side advertising boards. This generates new revenue streams for rights holders through additional regional advertising sales. Viz Eclipse replaces existing field-side advertising boards with realistic virtual signage in real-time. The technology utilises Vizrt’s pioneering image-based camera tracking and sophisticated keying capabilities. It doesn’t need any alterations to the boards themselves and requires minimal overhead to TV production workflows.

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Sports analysis

As sports games become faster and more complex, analysis tools are needed in order to to break down the key plays and and visualize the tactics behind it. Viz Libero combines realistic looking 3D replays from the perfect perspective and advanced virtual graphics for sports broadcasts. TV viewers will get unprecedented insight into controversial or tactically interesting sports scenes.

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Sports studios

Presenters in the studio make the most of Vizrt graphics and analysis tools to provide insight into every match. Using tools such as touch screens, telestration and virtual studios, the presenter is given a great degree of flexibility to tell the most engaging sports stories. In addition to tracked cameras, adding in tracked objects within the studio open up a whole new level of possibilities.

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Sports video management

With Viz One, sports broadcasters get a streamlined toolset that allows the management (archiving, logging, etc.) and delivery of content to any platform in one workflow. The Harvester component enables studio access to multi-angle footage of a live production. Multi-angle footage will then be instantly encoded in the truck and transferred to the broadcast center where it is directly ingested to Viz Libero, Viz Engine, and Viz One.

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Rapid story production

Sports journalists can get key plays, scores and penalties from any sports event to their audience first with Viz Story. The tool creates compelling video stories with real-time graphics and publishes them online and to social media. Using professional cameras or even mobile phones, journalists can capture the action, edit and post to social media in minutes. The same footage can be used back in the studio for on-air or online production.

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