Vizrt teams up with Sky Sports Germany to deliver its first multi-screened vertical football match streamed on Tik Tok

Sky Sports Germany creates watch parties for fans to stream the 2023 Super Cup straight from Tik Tok to appeal to younger audiences like millennials and Gen Z.

Vizrt, the leader in real-time graphics and live production solutions for content creators, has collaborated with Sky Sports Germany to broadcast its first vertical football match multi-screened on Tik Tok. Fans tuned into the broadcaster’s social media platform on Saturday to watch the highly anticipated Super Cup match, with a multi-split screen format that delivered a unique fan experience. 

Described as a ‘Watch Party’, viewers were able to watch multiple sources and graphics simultaneously including exclusive camera cuts, performance history, and match analytics. Recent research by Vizrt has shown a growing trend amongst Gen Z for short-form content. Sky Sports Germany is adapting to capture their full attention, with 15-minute live segments of the game aired prior to, during, and post the match.  

Sky Sports Germany used Vizrt’s Viz Vectar Plus for the live 9:16 production, in addition to using Viz Engine 5, and its classic render pipeline, for its core broadcast studio production to drive the LED walls and AR graphics. Sky Sports Germany also brought in Viz Arena for in-stadium AR graphics and Viz Libero for advanced sports analysis.   

This new viewing experience is in response to a growing trend within sports, driven by younger generations like millennials and Gen Z who are opting out of traditional broadcast formats and instead preferring to watch sports via their mobile phones while on the go.  

Vizrt and Sky Sports Germany are adjusting to meet the evolving needs of the younger generation, delivering more video content that’s created vertically and for social media. Two-thirds (68%) of Gen Z and almost half (47%) of millennials frequently watch sport on social media and over 70% find vertical viewing more personal and immersive than horizontal. 

“Sport viewer trends are rapidly changing. Vertical football matches have been broadcasted previously, however screening on Tik Tok whilst offering a multi-screen viewing experience is a first. We’ve seen a growing demand for snappier content via digital platforms, and with Vizrt Vectar, we can deliver a one-of-a-kind experience that combines multiple aspects of the game within a short 15-minute segment,” comments Alessandro Reitano, Senior Vice President Sports Production at Sky Sports Germany.