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Traditionally, creating quality content for professional sports broadcasts demanded a considerable crew and specialized kit for every aspect of the production.

However, times have changed. Now, you can create your ideal sports production into reality, at a fraction of the cost.

What was once a luxury reserved for big-league sports creators is now accessible to every content creator—big or small, professional or amateur. Research shows younger audiences expect shorter, snappier content they can watch on the go that is rich with AR graphics, real-time data and exciting analysis, to keep them fully immersed in the game.

Our latest eBook explores how you can give your fans a bigger and better sports viewing experience, every time.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • The Power of Sports Analysis + AI: Learn how you can capture all angles and bring every moment alive, making it more exciting for your fans and appealing across diverse platforms including social media. 
  • Go further during, after and beyond the game: Explore how simple analysis has the potential to be the most effective and enable your fans to share high quality sports footage on their social media platforms, captivating audiences during, after and beyond the game. 
  • Give your audiences a memorable experience: Strive for greatness in giving your fans what they expect to see as a viewer, every time. 
  • Vizrt’s Innovation in Action: Learn how sports federations like UEFA are capturing fans interest, driving impressions, and increasing monetization with engaging analysis videos on their website and social media channels.   
  • Monteize your social engagement: Uncover the opportunities of how you can optimize your footage, reach more audiences, drive advertising revenue, and grow your business.

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Power up Replays with Sports Analysis
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