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Viz Mosart is the world’s number one studio control system and the only open studio automation system capable of working with all major systems and devices, including all leading video switchers manufactured by SAM, Ross, Grass Valley, and Sony.


  • Brings cost saving into the entire production chain, not only into the control room.

  • Combines several production elements like video, graphics and sound into one button click.

  • Complex operations can be performed fast, easy and without errors, and the operator can focus on creating great content.

  • Handles breaking news and ad hoc productions.

  • Superior redundancy with no single point of failure architecture.

Key features

  • Template-based automation
  • Configurable clock displays
  • Multiple rundown capable
  • Device agnostic
  • Touchscreen-capable for hot-keys
  • Multi-studio control
  • MAM integration
  • Highly customizable GUI
  • Fully redundant system
  • Graphics integration
  • For scripted & unscripted shows
  • Integration with all major NRCS

Flexible control

Viz Mosart takes input from the newsroom computer system and translates it into commands for all connected systems and devices, giving the broadcaster greater flexibility, speed of response, and cost-effectiveness in news, weather and sports broadcasts.

Viz Mosart offers greatly simplified operations through creation of reusable and flexible automation templates and the ability to have one newsroom script aired anywhere, from any studio at any time. In breaking news situations, Viz Mosart operators can make live changes on the fly using the system’s advanced shortcut functionalities and efficient rundown modification tools. Complex operations can be performed fast, easy and without errors, and the operator can focus on creating great content.

Newsroom integration

The Viz Mosart system works with any studio infrastructure, without being limited or tied to particular switchers, mixers or other equipment. Viz Mosart users are free to integrate and upgrade components from a wide range of manufacturers into their Viz Mosart-driven newsroom operation. Viz Mosart is compatible with a growing list of NRCS including Annova’s OpenMedia, AP ENPS, Avid iNEWS, Dalet News, Octopus, and NorCom.

Production and multiplatform

Viz Mosart features a highly user-configurable interface and the ability to store and instantly recall interface configuration settings. Story elements such as cameras, clips, and graphics are assigned to buttons allowing easy and quick access. A range of interface overviews can also be assigned to buttons, making the GUI a shot box for touch screens and adaptable for any TV production. Story scripts from the newsroom computer system are shown directly in the Viz Mosart GUI, and operators can store clips and graphical elements in a pool ready for execution on request. A Quick Access Panel allows any element in the rundown to be executable at any time, in any story.

Multiple Viz Mosart GUIs can be connected to a rundown at the same time. This allows users to seamlessly take over a live show at the push of a button, allowing directors to swap production control during live broadcasts, or provide a backup in case of hardware failure. Individual Viz Mosart user interfaces can have varying levels of control, allowing a system to be in monitor-only mode or fully controlling a broadcast.

An integrated multiplatform automation workflow generates content for use online or for VOD. Viz One, Vizrt’s media asset management (MAM) system, ingests the clean feed of the live show from the studio automation system in real-time, for automatic archiving. Detailed information is captured in the MAM for each story including its name, text from the prompter and graphics such as lower thirds or fullscreens. Vizrt´s powerful transcoder solution you can automatically create multiple versions of the video and graphics, each suited for the specific output such as online video or multiple resolutions for different mobile phones.

Multi-Studio Solution

Viz Mosart Multi-Studio Solution is a software package for larger broadcasters with multiple studios. The package enables sharing of resources and coordination across several control rooms including video server, graphics engine, video wall, lighting, and camera resources. It also contains a shared template database which simplifies roll-out in several control rooms and template maintenance.

Automatic production

The Crossover tool allows a stand-alone Viz Mosart or Viz Opus to take over from another system, either Viz Mosart according to schedule or on an operator command, and execute the rundown templates in auto-take mode. By letting Crossover take over and play out, for example, back to back clip sections, producers are able to free up valuable studio time during the live production to produce content such as live on-tape interviews or do testing in the control room/studio - even when the rundown is live on air.

Showmaker - create your rundowns without a newsroom system

Showmaker allows journalists to build and amend rundowns and rundown elements within the Viz Mosart studio automation system and Viz Opus compact control room solution. With Showmaker, producers can script stories and edit graphics templates and videos through a highly intuitive, web-based interface. The tool also integrates with Viz Pilot, allowing producers to easily access graphics templates and search video files in Viz One to add to show rundowns.


For 24-hour support please contact +47 94 80 24 04

Viz Mosart integrations

Newsroom computer systems

  • iNews
  • ENPS
  • Octopus
  • OpenMedia
  • Dalet
  • NCPower
    • MAM/Continuity/Management

      • Jupiter
      • Omnibus
      • Amadeus
      • Snell
      • Morpheus
        • Vision mixers

          • Snell
          • Snell & Wilcox
          • Grass Valley
          • Sony
          • Ross Synergy
          • Echolab Nova
          • Pro-Bel TX520
          • FOR-A
            • Audio mixers

              • Studer
              • Euphonix
              • Lawo
              • DHD
              • Wheatstone
              • SSL
              • Calrec
              • Stagetec
              • Yamaha
                • Audio levelers

                  • Jünger
                    • Graphics

                      • Vizrt
                      • Brainstorm
                      • Chyron Hego
                      • Ross Xpression
                      • PixelPower
                      • Orad

                      Fader and control panels

                      • Behringer BCF2000
                      • JL Cooper
                      • Intolect
                      • X-Keys


  • Viz Video HUB
  • Viz Engine
  • Abekas Mira Production
  • Quantel
  • Omneon:
    • Spectrum
    • Mediadeck
  • Avid:
    • Airspeed
    • Airspace
    • Multi-Stream
    • Thunder
  • GV K2
  • Harris Nexio
  • EVS
  • VJ

Camera robotics

  • Neobotix
  • Cinneo
  • Electric Friends
  • Telemetrics
  • Radamec
  • Shotoku
  • Furio
  • Camerobot
  • Technodolly


  • GV Venus
  • Snell SW-P-08
  • Nevion
  • VikinX
  • L-S-B VSM
  • Evertz

Video wall mixer

  • Viz Multiplay
  • Barco Encore
  • Spyder
  • Pandoras Box
  • Watchout


  • Viz Weather
  • Weather1
  • Borealis


  • Mosart Audio Player
  • Subtitling
  • Lighting (MIDI)
  • GPI/O
  • Virtual set

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