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Vizrt, the world’s leading provider of visual storytelling tools for media content creators, is today celebrating the first birthday of the free edition of its Viz Artist tool. Since the launch last year, the tool has had over 5000 signups.

To celebrate in true Viz Artist style our active and growing Facebook community of Viz Artist Designers have stepped up and submitted some of their designs that they have created over the past year in the free tool. We have compiled them into one great ‘Happy Birthday’ video that we are sharing today so people can see the scope of work that anyone and everyone can create.

The free tool, and the Viz University course that accompanies it, went live last year and the introductory course has seen over 600 enrollments over the past year.

Viz University, the training arm of Vizrt, launched a full suite of Viz University free courses for graphic designers in February, and the free tool received record enrollments - resulting in at one point 100 people per hour enrolling for the courses.

Viz University now has over 1200 freelance designers signed up to their courses, excluding the Vizrt customer base.

The Viz Artist Designers Facebook page has over 2000 followers, with designers from all over the world sharing content, knowledge and supporting each other with answers. 

The growing global community of Vizrt certified graphic designers has recently seen Singapore-based broadcaster Mediacorp invest the time of their graphic designers in the Viz Artist Designer Certification course, with eight of them passing and now being fully accredited Viz Artist Designers.

The Viz Artist Designer Certification course has now allowed over 80 designers to become certified Viz Artist designers worldwide.

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Start creating stunning, unforgettable graphics with the #1 real-time design tool, Viz Artist.

Vizrt’s advanced real-time design platform, Viz Artist, is now free for creatives around the world. The free Viz Artist unleashes the creativity of designers to model a new future for the global media landscape. Media houses, broadcasters, and digital publishers gain access to a rapidly growing pool of talent that will bring their brand to new heights of powerful visual storytelling.

Design real-time 3D graphics

  • 01.Feature rich tool for building template-based graphics
  • 02.Built-in spline editor for full animation control
  • 03.Real-time 3D motion graphics creative tool


Expand your career with Viz Artist, the #1 real-time design tool for the broadcast industry. The free design tool allows you to create professional scenes that are sought after by the world’s top media companies.

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Expand your client base with the #1 real-time design tool, Viz Artist. The free design tool creates scenes for the production tools used by the top broadcasters around the world.

Viz Artist designs are a sought after commodity in the broadcast industry and design houses, along with the large number of skilled designers in the market, can create comprehensive design packages to meet the demand.



Creating stunning, unforgettable graphics has never been easier with Viz Artist. The free design tool creates a large pool of talented designers so you can easily choose the designer that best fits your needs.

- Create scenes for commercial use
- Includes many free plugins
- Dongle free version

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Team of Mediacorp Graphics Artists successfully complete Vizrt’s Certified Pro Viz Artist Designer exam

  • Graphic Artists8
  • Assignments5
  • Days to complete30

Singapore-based media and entertainment company, Mediacorp, has announced that eight of their graphic artists are now fully accredited Pro Viz Artist Designers having successfully completed their Vizrt Artist Designer Certification course.

Mediacorp has been a long-time customer of Vizrt, the leader in powerful visual storytelling tools for the digital media industry, and both companies share a belief that staff training is an integral part of a company’s success.

We’re very proud of the achievement from our graphic designers as it highlights their skillset and commitment to keeping up to date with the capabilities of Vizrt software. Completing the certification was no easy task as they did this concurrently with the daily news requirements demanded of them. The assignments were challenging at times, with the added pressure of time constraints, but the designers enjoyed the experience, giving them the chance to demonstrate their creativity and expand their knowledge.

Deborah StraffordSenior Creative Director at Channel NewsAsia