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The Free Viz Artist tool now features the latest and greatest version of the software; Viz Artist 4.3. This major release features a number of key improvements, some of which are outlined below.

The Viz Artist design tool community is growing by leaps and bounds – more than 10,000 people globally have signed up and started designing world-class graphics since the launch only 3 years ago.

The free tool comes with a free Viz University course to give your design dreams a kickstart on your way to join the global community of freelance broadcast designers and fully accredited Viz Artist Designers.

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A quantum leap starting at Viz Artist 4

Viz Artist has always been a powerful graphics design tool that supports a range of production use cases including templated live motion graphics, virtual sets, augmented reality, data-driven graphics and complex 3D animations. With its advanced toolset, Viz Artist users create stunning content to use in other Vizrt applications, maximizing creativity and delivering stronger audience engagement through immersive viewer experiences for all types of programs.

Releases 4.3, 4.2 and 4.1 add on to 4.0, and offer cutting-edge capabilities for advanced live motion graphics workflows in addition to VS and AR graphics.

Vizrt supports 3 render pipelines: Classic rendering mainly used for broadcast graphics, Viz Engine Rendering for PBR and photo realism, and Unreal Engine rendering for Game Engine style graphics.

The latest browser-based HTML rendering is supported using a browser plug-in with the updated Chromium Embedded Framework Library. Support for WebGL is part of the plug-in.

Text font system

For Vizrt broadcast designers everywhere, it has become much easier to work with text. Viz Artist 4.3 features Text and the new Font System; this includes Font library management and makes it much easier to browse, convert, import and otherwise work with Fonts inside Vizrt graphics.

Razor Fonts support text shadow casting.

Easy workflow for designers

With Viz Engine and Viz Artist 4.3, any of your existing scenes created with version 3.x can be utilized instantly on Viz Engine 4.3 without conversion, adjustment, or extra effort and usually performs better.

Since version 4.3 it is also easy to work with subscenes in the scene tree.

The user interface features using node-based render graphs, Shader code editor, flexible workspaces, and a script editor that gives artists rich tools to complete their design jobs.

Logic Maker feature enables transition logic scenes to be created and simulated with ease.

Flexible input output supports IP, SDI, and mixed workflows for incorporating video into scenes.

PBR & photoreal graphics

Physically Based Rendering with the Viz Engine Pipeline along with the Precision Keyer - a multi matte color difference keyer that fuses live and virtual together supporting 16-bit per channel linear signal processing with HDR support.

Additional photorealism is achieved with PBR textures and Global illumination. Phong materials are available in the Viz Engine Renderer starting with version 4.3, making it even easier to work with broadcast graphics in that render blade.

Viz Engine Rendering supports workflows where an additional input can be keyed in directly within a scene as a texture. Dynamic lighting effects, reflection, refraction and omni-directional shadows in real-time are also features of Viz Engine Rendering. Post-processing effects including Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO), Chromatic aberration, Light glares and Planar reflection are available as well. Quick addition of post processing effects puts even more photo-realism into Virtual Sets and Augmented Reality scenes.

16 real-time dynamic lights can now be added per geometry and light type.

De-spill/foreground processing is configurable for holdout areas.

There is Screen Space Reflection for AR objects on real floors and SSR text reflections on other objects within the scene.

Viz Engine Shader plug-in, editor, and development environment assists in creating photo-realistic effects or backdrops on Videowalls and displays instead of utilizing UHD clips, by modifying pixel and vertex data.

The Shader Development Environment enables users to develop custom fragment and vertex shaders to create new material types, effects or deform objects.

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