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Vizrt Flexible Access Essential Guide

This Essential Guide explores the flexibility software-based infrastructure can provide, and the creative and operational benefits this can bring to production teams.

It’s often easy to get so bogged down in the technical detail we forget about the problems we’re trying to solve for users and production teams. But with the flexibility and scalability that software delivers, a whole new way of working has now become available.

Making technology accessible to wider audiences is often easier said than done as the complexity of broadcast systems and workflows has meant that it’s operation and configuration has relied on specialist knowledge. However, as technology develops, software is democratizing television, making facilities available to a much wider audience of story tellers and producers.

“To truly understand the benefits of IP, software and cloud, it helps to take a higher-level view of the problem we’re trying to solve, the challenges we face, and the people this new technology is helping.”

Tony Orme
Editor at The Broadcast Bridge

This Essential Guide, with sponsored perspective from Vizrt discusses how software infrastructures are enabling the simplification of systems to help production teams tell their stories and engage better with viewers.

Download this Essential Guide now if you are an engineer, technologist or their managers and you want to better understand how software operates in a broadcast environment and help a wider group of production teams engage with their viewers.

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