National Lacrosse League chooses Viz Flowics for remote production workflow 

Niche sports, niche tools: The US National Lacrosse League uses Flowics in its broadcasts. The operator in front is creating match graphics using Flowics

Viz Flowics is the main broadcast graphics engine for the US National Lacrosse League. The NLL is the third largest indoor sports league in the US. 

The NLL uses Viz Flowics for broadcast-quality graphics, live data integration, and fan engagement features. The single platform helps streamlines their workflow and reduces costs. 

Remote production workflow

On the heels of its landmark media rights deals with ESPN, ESPN+, and Canada’s TSN for both linear and streaming distribution, the NLL has deployed a remote production workflow for the majority of its game productions. The workflow hinges on a combination of IP-based transmission and cloud-based production platforms. Viz Flowics plays a central role in this new workflow. It is the main graphics engine powering the live game broadcasts, including scorebug, game stats, and insert graphics. 

“Viz Flowics is a game changer in the creation and delivery of broadcast-quality graphics. The league’s broadcast operations team continues to add innovative, best-in-class technology partners to our productions and presentations that offer viewers the most tech-forward and fan-first experience.”

Joel Feld, Executive Vice President, Broadcast and Content, NLL 

NLL’s Viz Flowics implementation includes native data connectors integrating the Sportzcast live scoreboard API. The team also uses the official NLL stats provider API to deliver live scoreboard and stats into the broadcasts. Viz Data Connector’s architecture enables the NLL to create the game scorebug running fully on the cloud, taking live scoreboard data via Sportzcast devices installed at each venue. 

NLL Master Graphics
The US National Lacrosse League uses Viz Flowics for all its match graphics, along with Viz Data Connectors to sync data from Sportzcast.

Viz Data Connector also directly integrates with the NLL stats database, including live in-game data. This automates the creation and operation of nearly all graphics with season stats (player and team), match stats, standings, etc. 

Cost-reduction with cloud production

Viz Flowics is also helping the NLL to reduce production costs. Its cloud-based platform provides an economical, robust, and stable feature set to handle remote production, allowing the NLL to reduce travel and capital expenses. The combination of IP-based transmission and cloud-based production tools is reshaping traditional broadcast production workflows. The location of the production team is no longer the main driver of production. 

“Together with the NLL, we are putting new production workflows to test, and they are working beyond expectation. We’re proving that there are flexible, agile, and more affordable ways to produce live sports that work as well or better than the traditional production hardware workflows. This is probably one of the most sophisticated implementations of Viz Flowics to date, and we are gratified that the NLL is pleased with the results.”

Gabriel Baños, Co-founder of Flowics

Minimal hardware and streamlined operations

The NLL’s remote production workflow, made possible by Viz Flowics, simplifies local operation with minimal hardware and no OB trucks needed on site. The league also benefits from having decentralized access to Viz Flowics’ cloud-based graphics package in HTML5 that can be easily shared with the teams and the different production companies that work with the NLL. 

In terms of revenue generation, Viz Flowics gives the NLL opportunities for increased ad inventory, thanks to the platform’s fan engagement features. 

“This is a big step forward for Vizrt, as we closed our first long-term partnership with a professional sports league in the U.S. market. It’s confirmation that the industry is moving quickly toward adopting more cloud-based workflows, and Flowics is dedicated to playing a leading role in that transformation,” said Baños. 

HTML5 graphics for any cloud production

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National Lacrosse League control room with operators using Viz Flowics live graphics

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National Lacrosse League chooses Viz Flowics for remote production workflow 

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