“From podcaster to broadcaster,” Broadley Studio supports all production levels with award-winning TriCaster® 2 Elite

With its streaming business growing rapidly, Broadley Studio knew that it needed a more powerful content creation system – a requirement that led to its investment in the iconic TriCaster 2 Elite.

Based in Northwest London, Broadley Studio is an award-winning film and TV facility that specializes in live production, virtual production via green screen, live streaming, and all sorts of other innovative content creation. Serving a diverse clientele spanning a variety of organizations including production houses, blue chip companies, and renowned brands like Netflix, LEGO, Pfizer, and much more… their rapid success is notable.

Richard Landy, Founder and Managing Director of Broadley Studio, recalls the sudden surge in streaming over the past few years, “We had a situation where the number of productions going through the business grew pretty dramatically,” he says.

It was also clear that customers were expecting a higher standard of streamed event, and one that would not be subject to any technical issues that might detract from its impact. So, it was apparent that we had to think again about our infrastructure.”

Broadley Studio was already a fan of Vizrt equipment, having purchased an entry-level TriCaster Mini content creation system several years ago. In reference to the famously eccentric machines created by illustrator Heath Robinson, Landy says that for many years the company depended upon a “slightly Heath Robinson-esque combination of systems with lots of cables!”

With the acquisition of the TriCaster Mini, however, “suddenly we had all that we needed in one box, enabling us to mix multiple camera feeds and stream everything with no difficulty whatsoever.

But with the change in demand for productions, and the likelihood of involving “the mixing of 40 camera feeds than four,” it was clear that an upgrade was in order. “With everyone working from home there was an imperative to create more complex and engaging live streams with feeds coming in from all over the place. We were very happy with the TriCaster Mini, so buying a TriCaster 2 Elite was a logical next step.”

‘A very comprehensive piece of kit’

The most complete video production platform available today, the TriCaster 2 Elite, establishes a new standard for how much can be achieved with a single system. Its new and improved features include increased streaming and publishing power; quality monitoring; customized workspaces; the NDI® TriCaster App for Android; NDI® Genlock; Variables support in Macros; and an Audio Mixer and Neural Voice Isolation capabilities.

The versatility of the system impressed Landy from day one. “It’s a very comprehensive piece of kit; whether you are doing a podcast, a vodcast, broadcast TV, or corporate productions, it puts on all those different hats very well! It’s robust, versatile, and a ‘safe pair of hands’ that can handle any production.

Broadley has certainly had the chance to put the system through its pace, as illustrated by a recent project on behalf of the Royal Air Force (RAF). Broadley Producer Arjun Pala recalls: “This was an 8-hour live stream involving 40 top Ministry of Defense and RAF ranked officers commenting throughout. There was plenty of variety as the event included panels as well as discussions between senior officers and the playout of VTs. It was a highly complex event, but the TriCaster 2 Elite performed brilliantly throughout.”

Underlining Broadley’s impressive range, the TriCaster 2 Elite has also been deployed to produce an auxiliary show to Netflix dating show Too Hot to Handle, entitled Too Hot to Handle: Extra Hot.

This was another production with its fair share of moving parts, as Landy recalls: “It was shot on location in many countries including Australia, UK, and US. It was essentially a reunion for the 12 previous participants, finding out what they were doing now. There was a studio element with a presenter as well as remote production elements from the different countries, so that really gave us an opportunity to build a show around the capabilities of the TriCaster.”

The Netflix show is by no means the only global production to have been ably handled by Broadley’s TriCaster. Landy reveals: “We have also used it to deliver numerous events for Fujitsu, which is one of the largest technology brands in the world. In addition, we worked on a commercial for Christian Dior that involved a transatlantic element with actor Robert Pattinson on set in LA and a director based in London. All of the communications and feeds – which included an SRT connection – went through the TriCaster.”

“The system also proved to be an excellent fit for a football show that we worked on for WAVE.tv that incorporated a studio-based production with multiple guests as well as occasional remote participants that was streamed out to YouTube.”

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‘Live streaming is here to stay’

Live streaming continues to be a fundamental component of the Broadley business. “Live streaming is here to stay, and we are still doing a lot of streaming events,” confirms Landy.

“For example, we have a CEO coming into our studio to address his company as part of a live-stream event. It is far better – for reasons of sustainability and practicality – to do this than have 2,000 people travel to a conference hall. The days of getting people to travel into the capital so much are at an end, I think; there is a new world and environment that we all need to think about.”

Meanwhile, there is no doubt that Broadley has the ideal tool to satisfy this ‘new world’ of requirements with the TriCaster 2 Elite. Landy concludes: “It’s proven to be incredibly versatile for the wide range of projects that we work on; it’s really the perfect solution for us. We couldn’t do what we do, without the TriCaster.”

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