Megolive brings Viu Upfront 2023 to global viewers with help from Vizrt and NDI®

Last November, content enthusiasts, partners, and stakeholders gathered at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center in Malaysia to get exclusive insight into the content Viu plans to release in 2023.

As an entertainment streaming provider, Viu International Ltd carries many K-dramas, thrillers, romances, and sci-fis, as well as original content not available anywhere else. Viu Upfront 2023 was created to share information and get fans involved in anticipating new upcoming content from the streaming service.


Viu needed the event to reach a worldwide audience. Deciding to put a hybrid event together, Viu counted on Megolive, a creative event solution provider, to find the right tech solution to optimize the experience of audiences – both at the venue or anywhere else in the world.

Megolive is used to running events for corporations in Malaysia. Viu Upfront 2023 was composed of a large set-up, with a stage and video wall, lighting, camera, and audio. The quality of each piece of tech had to be perfect to provide its audience, present in person or streaming from at home, an entertaining, informative, and enhanced experience.

“Previously, we would need to use a full broadcast system to achieve quality in a large set-up, and it would cost a lot. Nowadays with NewTek (now Vizrt), we have the capacity to run a production and livestream it seamlessly, without complications and with high-quality like a broadcast production. It’s a very efficient way to produce a hybrid event”Ahmad Shaifullizam Arshad (GBAM), Co-Founder, Megolive.

Reach every type of audience, anywhere in the world

Hybrid events are an effective way to expand viewership. With live streaming, audiences become borderless, and productions want to make the viewing experience the best one possible.

Speaking on the benefits of an efficient hybrid production with Vizrt, GBAM at Megolive says: “Good quality production, high-res images, good sound, those are the basics of the streams that we’re doing. We must have all that so that the client will bite, sit down in front of the devices and pay attention to what we are doing.”

The event couldn’t risk having glitchy video and unpleasant noise for audiences at home. Megolive, a long-time user of the TriCaster® 2 Elite, knew where to turn.

The TriCaster 2 Elite is the most complete video production platform available today, maximizing the capabilities of multiple live streams. Providing video playbacks, graphics, and lower thirds, the operator can deliver clear images and information to the viewer.

With eight hardware inputs, producers can bring in a total of 32 live video sources for cameras, computers, and other systems. With eight hardware outputs, along with eight network outputs, it’s possible to route video sources to many types of devices, including monitors, video walls, and projectors.

The TriCaster 2 Elite is powered by NDI®, the universal video-over-IP standard, which connects and shares the content seamlessly. With NDI® Genlock, available with the TriCaster, users can match outputs to a common sync pulse, which informs it exactly at what point to send a frame of video. NDI® brings multiple video sources into a regular production, so operators can preview on their own devices without having any cables plugged – everything is available wirelessly.

“Before NDI® came into the picture, everything was through cables, and we were unable to do multiple switching or changing of sources on the fly, for instance. With NDI®, everything goes into a network switch – all inputs and outputs are available on the network,” says GBAM at Megolive.

“A successful hybrid event has to offer the best versions of both options: you’ve got the option of attending the event or you’ve got the option of sitting back at home and watching it like a TV show”, says Paul Dobbs, Head of Channel Sales APAC & EMEA at Vizrt. With Vizrt and NDI®’s superior live production capabilities, combined with Megolive’s expertise the organizers and presenters at Viu Upfront 2023 only had to focus on the exciting news to share with expecting viewers – the message would reach them, wherever they tuned in from.

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