Televisa Deportes Networks wows World Cup fans with Vizrt AR graphics

The Mexican sports channel used an impressive array of augmented reality graphics to bring the excitement of the World Cup to fans at home.

Mexican World Cup fans were able to get a double dose of World Cup action from Televisa this year. While Televisa had rights to the World Cup and used those rights to bring in new innovations such as Viz Libero AR, sister network TDN (Televisa Deportes Networks) created a massive World Cup specticle in their studio to give football (soccer) fans around-the-clock news.

One of the biggest innovations in TDN’s World Cup coverage was how they leveraged augmented reality (AR) as the tool for the narrative of each story.

“This is the first time we have used AR technology in a live production. We had a significantly short time to design and implement the graphics, but the final result is something that we are very proud of. It is a great example of what can be done with Vizrt changing traditional graphics.”

Erick Montes De Oca
TDN’s Design Manager

TDN’s World Cup studio featured multiple video walls throughout the studio displaying content rendered by a Viz Enginereal-time 3D graphics engine, along with Russia-themed set pieces. Tracking for the AR graphics was provided by stYpe Red Spy which sent tracking data to Viz Virtual Studio and Viz Engine to render the final composited output in real-time.

To give presenters tactical analysis capabilities, TDN created an innovative touch screen controller for the AR graphics. The touch screen, also rendered by a Viz Engine, allowed the presenter to move players on an AR football pitch in the studio floor. TDN has also been able to monetize the use of AR graphics adding sponsorships during certain segments.


“TDN was able to show how AR graphics have matured into a tool that presenters can use to drive a detailed narrative and make it something that is easy to understand and entertaining for their viewers,” said Daniel Nergård, President, Vizrt Americas.

Erick Montes De Oca would like to thank TDN CEO Fernando Howard and Production Director Victor Serrano, for trusting the graphics team to conceptualize and accomplish the ambitious production. Also thanks to Sergio Carmona and his team for the technical and logistical support.. And thanks to Roberto Carlos Cruz and the entire design team: Alejandra Santiago, Blanca Salas, Elena Guzmán, Kimberly Bistre, Isabel Hernández, Mónica Aranda, Fernanda Campero, César Carrasco, Daniel Esquivel, Osvaldo Rojas, Roberto González, Juan Carlos Estrada, and Roberto Carlos Cruz.

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