China’s The Coming One streamed 3 billion times and featured AR from Vizrt

The singing show broke records in China for number of streams over it’s 15-episode run.

Chinas The Coming One AR cubes

‘The Coming One’ is the latest idol show produced by China’s Tencent media and is streamed online only. The show had 15 live episodes this season that had been streamed 3 billion times on Tencent media’s website. ‘The Coming One’ broke the records in China as the first entertainment show with over 300 million plays per episode.

Taipei-based design firm Dot Connector worked with 哇唧唧哇  (no English translation) and Tencent for 12 episodes featuring live augmented reality (AR) and on-air graphics. Viz Virtual Studio and Viz Engine where used to visualize the opener, commercial break bumpers, Weibo graphics (Chinese social media.) and real-time voting results.

Chinas The Coming One winners chart AR

Real-time voting data and AR graphics

The top 12 most popular candidates were displayed as AR graphics. The candidates were voted for on Tencent’s Wiebo site and on phones. The AR graphics were rendered using two Viz Engines. One for the foreground AR graphics and the other for the virtual window.

Chinas The Coming One AR cubes