Monetize Your Sports Content

Monetize your sports content – learn how!

Going for the win with analysis, graphics, and video.

Watch the quick webinar above to see Viz Arena is a live sports enhancement solution that has multiple applications, whether for broadcast, media companies, or in stadium use.

You will learn:

How optical tracking technology and seamless integration with remote and in-house productions are key drivers for Viz Arena.

How Viz Arena is changing the way realistic 3D graphics and analysis are created and used in a live production, bringing high-end production value to any sports production!

How you can provide a better game-experience for viewers and new revenue opportunities for teams.

At Vizrt, our customers have shown us that sports production includes more graphic elements than ever before. Viz Arena provides an easy-to-use solution that provides the look and feel of a major sports production. The easy and flexible setup allows anyone to operate with very little training.


  • Melanie Crandall, Marketing Manager AMECS
  • Kevin Bovet, VP, Head of Sports
  • Nicholas Jameson, System Engineer, Sports

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