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Al Arabiya used mixed reality to bring presenters into the floors of Congress

In an effort to clearly explain the complexities of the U.S. Midterm Elections to viewers in the  Middle East, Al Arabiya (Dubai) turned the U.S. Capitol into a virtual set that their presenter could walk in and out of from the main studio. When combined with AR, the mixed-reality effect give a level of depth to the studio which is controlled with Viz Virtual Studio and rendered with Viz Engine.
Al Arabiya also added AR graphics to live shots from the U.S. capitol.


8 November 2018

Univision uses a mix of AR and videos walls for their election studio

Originally published by NewscastStudio.
Spanish language Univision branded under ‘Destino 2018’ (‘destination’ or ‘destiny’) along with the ‘El poder en juego’ (‘The power at stake’) and originated coverage from a temporary curved desk with internally lit banding and frosted glass branding. Behind it, the network’s normal set featured political themed imagery during its election night coverage. Portion of coverage also originated from the network’s large, open newsroom.


11:07 PM ET, 6 November 2018
Al Jazeera unveils a new graphics package for the U.S. election

The new graphics package includes a red white and blue lower banner that is used in fullscreen graphics and their video wall.

The graphics are created by journalists in the newsroom using Viz Pilot templates. Both fullscreen graphics and the videowall graphics are rendered with Viz Engine.


10:45 PM ET, 6 November 2018
The Washington Post takes their legendary reporting to video with live election coverage on YouTube.

The Washington Post is live streaming their election coverage on YouTube, providing analysis through a team of experts on the news desk, in the field, and with a touchscreen showing the latest election results.

Using Viz Trio, they are showing the latest election information in a lower3rd and with fullscreen graphics.

The clean design was created with assistance from the team at Polygon Labs.


10:10 PM ET, 6 November 2018
A look in the control room, in the studio, and on-air at CBS News


Our team visited CBS News earlier today as they were preparing for tonight’s coverage.

CBS News uses Vizrt’s graphics tools for every aspect of their live production including video walls and overlay graphics.

Here is a video from NewscastStudio showing CBS News’ election coverage.


9:23 PM ET, 6 November 2018
Democracy Plaza is back as NBC, MSNBC, and Telemundo use Rockerfeller Center as the backdrop for the elections

The NBC properties brought back their massive outdoor AR for the 2018 elections.

Rain earlier in the day caused the crew from stYpe, Vizrt and Girraphic to have to cover gear in plastic but the weather held out and the AR graphics look stunning against the backdrop of Rockerfeller Center. The AR graphics are designed by Girraphic, and two stYpe encoded Jimmy Jibs are in use – one for MSNBC and the other for NBC and Telemundo. Two Viz Virtual Studio Tracking Hubs and four Viz Engines are in use for the AR.

Inside, NBC is using a new touchscreen scene to go indepth in each race, while the studio is augmented with video walls showing results, all rendered with Viz Engine

Video from NewscastStudio showing NBC News’ election night coverage.


8:46 PM ET, 6 November, 2018
NewscastsStudio gives us a quick look at the motion graphics and augmented reality MBN (Alhurra) is using alongside its brand new studio in Washington

Video from NewscastStudio showing Alhurra’s election night coverage.


8:00 PM ET, 6 November, 2018
CNN covers the election from their Washington D.C. studio with video walls and a transparent display

The studio in Washington D.C. is CNN’s headquarters for the evening as they cover the election with the use of multiple video walls in the studio.

The large space gives Wolf Blitzer flexibility to walk between Dana Bash sitting at the news desk or over to John King at the Magic Wall with several videos walls in between, all displaying the latest election information. The videowalls are rendered with Viz Engine and controlled with Viz Multiplay.


7:01 PM ET, 6 November, 2018
Fox News takes advantage of the many screens in their studio for their election coverage and adds AR outdoors 

The Fox News election studio has multiple videos walls in the studio offering them a wide variety of options for covering the election. A large main videowall provides a space for looking at key topics of the election, while Bill Hemmer has his touchscreen that gives a view of key races and controls the video wall next to him for an expanded view.

Above the studio is a circular video wall that gives information about what’s next in their election programing. Each videowall is powered by Viz Engine and controlled with Viz Multiplay to give them flexibility in changing content in the walls.

Fox News also uses AR billboards outside, designed by Girraphic and powered by Viz Virtual Studio, to give the latest results.


4:40 PM ET, 6 November, 2018
Expressen uses a panel of experts in their Virtual Set studio to explain the elections

Swedish paper Expressen brought in a panel of experts into their virtual set studio to discuss the election. The media company has two virtual set studios and are employing both of them to cover the elections. One studio uses Viz Opus to control the live production, while Viz Virtual Studio drives the virtual sets.


2:47 PM ET, 6 November, 2018
The Israeli New Channel uses AR from Vizrt to dive into the details of the U.S. Election

Video from Segev Sport
The Israeli broadcaster wanted to break down the complexity of the U.S. midterm elections to be easily understood. To do this, they developed AR graphics powered by Segev Sport that show the seats in the Senate and the House of Representatives and the shift in the balance of power that could occur in the election. Vizrt is the system of choice for the Israeli New Channel rendering all of their on-screen graphics, AR and video wall content. Israeli News Channel


8:09 AM ET, 6 November, 2018
Loaded With Data and Whiz-Bang Effects, Maps Are the Real Stars of Election-Night TV

In today’s New York Times, presenters from CNN, MSNBC and Fox News talk about the importance of maps and interactive screens in election coverage. Each broadcaster uses maps combined with an interactive screen to show results and help clarify the complexity of congressional elections. Fox News uses an interactive screen that is mirrored to a videowall, both rendered with Viz Engine. MSNBC’s interactive screen is also showing maps and interactive data-driven graphics rendered with Viz Engine. CNN uses a home-grown solution.

Read the full story from The New York Times.


7:33 AM ET, 6 November, 2018
Behind the scenes on Election Day: 360-degree video of the ABC News election set and AR experience

ABC News released a behind-the-scenes look at their custom-made 360-degree election stage — complete with an augmented-reality experience – ahead of today’s election. The Broadcaster is using the AR graphics to allow the presenters and viewers to visually understand the election.
“We have had consultants from three vendors: Astucemedia, who are our graphics and creative consultants; Vizrt, for the graphics engines and graphics tracking; and Mo-Sys, the camera-tracking system,” said Tamar Gargle ABC News Director of Graphics Operations.
Vizrt’s Viz Virtual Studio and Viz Engine are in use to drive and render the AR graphics for the event.
ABC News will be using a large number of AR pieces throughout the evening, featuring real-time data visualization, maps, and a 3D model of the U.S. Capitol.

Take a look at this behind-the-scenes 360 video of the set during rehearsal

Read the full article and see more photos from ABC News. 

Video from NewscastStudio.