Viz Flowics offers complete data-driven graphics solution for equestrian competition broadcasts

Platform is the first HTML5 graphics engine to natively integrate equestrian competition stats and timing information into on-air graphics 

full frame graphics showing results of equestrian race

The development of the Viz Data Connector for Equipe, the leading timing and scoring provider for equestrian events and competitions in Europe, makes Viz Flowics the first complete graphics solution for equestrian competition broadcasts.

Equipe is the leading timing and scoring provider for equestrian events and competitions in Europe. The data available from Equipe covers information on riders, horses, people connected to the shows, start lists, results, and prizes.   

The organization works with five federations in Europe, including the Dansk Ride Forbund, Svenska Ridsport Forbundet, and the NRYF in Norway. More than 8,000 people use Equipe to manage equestrian shows worldwide, including organizers in 35 countries working on 5,000 equestrian events per year. That’s more than 1 million equestrian starts per year handled by Equipe.   

Immediately sync Equipe data with graphics

The Equipe data connector brings information from Equipe into the Viz Flowics platform with logic and customization never seen before in a graphics solution.   

To create this unique Equipe data connector, our developers immersed themselves in the operation and logic of the sport to gain the critical knowledge necessary to deliver custom graphics and data relevant to the needs of equestrian content producers.   

Pioneer customer, Jumping Access has successfully deployed Viz Flowics and the Equipe data connector in live productions in the past months. The company was impressed by the data quality, speed, and ease of use of the Viz Flowics platform.  

In addition, Vizrt’s HTML5 graphics engine offers a user-friendly interface that makes it quick and easy for graphics designers and operators to create more customized, appealing, and advanced graphics for equestrian competition broadcasts.