Adobe Assistant v2.3.3

Vizrt releases maintenance updates for Adobe Assistant. This maintenance release contains several bugfixes and improvements. 


  • Media relations is now being updated in all locales, after reports of it not doing so in certain locales.
  • The Export Controller will now be installed automatically when Adobe Assistant is installed.
  • Offline media that has been imported occasionally fails to appear in Premiere Pro and this has now been fixed.
  • Path mapping has been fixed after it would fail in certain configurations.
  • Fixed disabling of Project tab when Viz One does not support Project Manager.


  • Information on the required network port has been added to the admin guide.
  • The import compatibility has been improved with older versions of Viz One.
  • The monolithic manual has been split into user and admin manuals.

For a full list of features on the new release, please see the release notes on the Vizrt FTP site.

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