Coder 2.3.4

This is a maintenance release for Coder that contains several bug fixes, minor enhancements and changes.

Vizrt bug fix release generic 3

Minor enhancements and changes

  • Allow burned-in timecode to be positioned (CODER-2522)

Burned-in timecode may now be positioned in the top, center or bottom of the picture. The default is in the center for backwards compatibility.

Bug fixes

  • Coder job intermittently fails with exit code 139 (CODER-2477)

A race condition could cause transcoding jobs to crash on startup.

  • Coder import fails for MXF files with precharge frames (CODER-2493)

Coder was unable to read MXF files with precharge frames.

  • Problem reading some MXF files in streaming mode (CODER-2537)

Some MXF files could not be decoded when the streaming attribute on the input was set to “yes”.

  • Proxy with missing audio (CODER-2548)

After ingesting to Viz One, some proxies were missing audio.

  • Missing .so file in APA package (CODER-2569)

When attempting to burn in graphics or running nleconf to configure the Graphics Plugin integration an error message about a missing .so file was reported.

For the full release notes please visit the Vizrt FTP site. These release notes can be found under Products> Viz One> Latest Versions> Individual Installers and Docs> Coder.