Graphics Plugin 2.2.0

The new version of Vizrt’s Graphics Plugin now gives editors access to Viz Pilot Edge, part of the industry leading template-based production tool; Viz Pilot.

The plugin also now has added support for Stop Points, as well as an added configuration for “Still image playback”.

Other New Features

  • Real-time playback is now supported in Avid. The plugin will now preview graphics during playback without needing to render the effect.
  • In Adobe, the Effect Panel now has an invisible check box parameter named "Meta Graphics". Checking it will prevent the effect from fetching frames and blending.
  • In terms of functionality, the Adobe plugin will now parallel-ize frame rendering.
  • Graphic plugin now supports installation of Edius 9 and Edius 8. 

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed a rare issue in Avid where existing graphics data could bleed over after swapping to a new graphic.
  • Fixed missing title in NLE Configuration window while minimized.
  • Fixed an issue in Avid where Tidy would trigger cleanup prematurely during scrubbing.
  • Fixed performance lag in Adobe while Effect Panel is open.

Additional Information

Download the Graphics Plugin for Avid, Adobe and the Edius from You can also fine a complete list of new features, system requirements and known issues there.

Find demo videos for Avid, Adobe and Edius below.

Avid Demo Video

Adobe Demo Video

Edius Demo Video

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