Ingest 1.2

This release of our powerful collaborative Ingest application brings easier integration with Viz One. Operators can preview ongoing or completed recordings and perform metadata editing directly from our Studio web application.

Ingest 12 interface

The release also simplifies installation, with less manual settings and enables administrators to effortlessly integrate Ingest with Viz One directly from the new server configuration panel of the Ingest web client. In addition, this version has https as default communication protocol, delivering a more secure data flow.

New Features

Ingest as a Studio Panel – Operators can now easily view planned, ongoing, and completed recordings directly from Studio.  The new Ingest page offers provides operators all Ingest features together with all the acquired assets in a single working space in Viz One. This significantly improves the user experience for metadata and previewing. See the Ingest Administrator’s Guide for further details on how to access Ingest from within Studio.

Secure HTTPS Communication – HTTPS is now the default protocol for communication between the necessary components of Ingest.

Easier Installation and Viz One Integration – Installation of Ingest is now simplified, significantly reducing any manual settings during the installation procedure. Administrators now configure a Viz One integration directly from the Ingest application. This eliminates the need for repeat installations before completing configuration.

For the full release notes please visit the Vizrt FTP and follow the path Products/Ingest/Latest Versions.