Media Sequencer 5.3.0

This is a minor release that contains many new features.

Vizrt bug fix release generic 3

Viz Media Sequencer is a core component predominantly used by our control applications as a connection between Viz Engine, Newsroom systems and video servers etc. With this release, we have introduced some key enhancements that will benefit Multiplay and Pilot solutions in particular. The new enhancements include:

Management of Video walls & Vision mixers through Super Channels

This release adds support for import, playout and manipulation of the new superchannels based video wall master scenes which are utilised for Viz Multiplay 3.0. This release supports playout of all media types (video, graphics and images) to be played on superchannels giving Multiplay 3.0 the flexibility to transition between any media type through superchannels.
These enhancements also pave the way for us to deeply integrate with automation systems in future.

Support for latest MOS protocol

Viz Media Sequencer 5.3 brings support for MOS protocol version 2.8.5. This means richer functionality and deeper integration with Newsroom Computer Systems (NRCS) that support MOS version 2.8.5. Based on this addition, we have a customer already lined up eager to use the latest release of MSE. Our Viz Pilot customers will greatly benefit from this enhancement.

REST API enhancements

There is a lot of work done on REST API support that enables better performance and overall workflow improvements.

Support for Virtualised environments

This release also comes with official support for virtualisation.

Download installation file and release note from the Vizrt FTP in the /products/VizMediaSequencer/LatestVersion folder.