Viz Artist 5.1

Real-time graphics design tool for live motion graphics, virtual sets, augmented reality, and complex 3D animations.

Viz Artist 5 introduced a significantly enhanced user experience. An all-new Scene Tree benefits users with improved accessibility and navigation within Scene Tree Containers. New versions of Layer Manager and Scene Overview panel were included, plus IES Lighting and Adaptive Scene Design – which intelligently adjust pre-defined output formats on the fly, were just some of the new features of Viz Artist 5.

The latest release, Viz Artist 5.1, delivers an improved user experience driven by a modern state-of-the-art user interface, coupled with an increase in application performance and several new features, including:

New Viz Artist UI

Viz Artist 5.1 transitions to a new state-of-the-art User Interface that introduces integrated documentation, supports high-resolution monitors, an advanced script debugger, plus a new Viz Artist-based Editor, as well as support for external image editors.

Integrated Documentation

Viz Artist 5.1 integrates Viz Artist Documentation, Viz Engine Administrator Guide, and Viz Plugin Documentation into the Viz Artist User interface.

Open and locate any information within any installed document by clicking on the Help icon.
The Documentation window jumps to the desired location, depending on where ‘Help’ was opened. 

New Debugging Capabilities for VizScript

A designer who is scripting in Viz Artist can now use Trace Points to view the status of variables. This makes debugging much easier and more efficient. 

Scene in Scene Editing

Users can save time by no longer being required to close the master scene when wishing to open and edit the sub-scene. With a simple double-click the designer “jumps” into the sub-scene to edit it directly without ever leaving the master scene.

In addition to Viz Artist’s Scene Editor, external image editors are also supported. Now, users can right-click, and choose “Edit in External Editor” and when saved externally the image will be imported automatically.

For more information and to schedule a demo, please visit the Viz Artist webpage.

Viz Artist application installers and product documentation, including Release Notes, are available via the Vizrt FTP Site.