Viz Engine Viz Artist 311

Viz Engine / Viz Artist 3.11

The new version of Vizrt’s render engine and design tool includes several new features to improve design and rendering capabilities.

Viz Engine / Viz Artist 3.11 enables producers to bring their graphics onto a new quality level by rendering in full HDR color range, using the latest streaming technologies, adding new levels of motion for AR, and further increasing the render quality of Viz Engine.

The IP engine of the future

Integrating full SMPTE 2110 IP workflows, based on Matrox IP cards, makes Viz Engine ready for future IP-based productions.

With compositing NDI and SDI inputs, streaming via WebRTC and having up to 16 RTP stream inputs, Viz Engine defines a new level of possibilities on any IP based workflow.

High Dynamic Range for both input and output

By adding HDR out and live inputs as well as clip playback as DVE, Viz Engine brings the full range of colors per pixel and allows for live end-to-end ultra-high-definition HDR production.

Add motion to your AR productions

With the introduction of bones and skin based mesh deformation, along with physical based rendering, Viz Engine / Viz Artist 3.11 allows for complex storytelling with a new degree of interactivity. 3D Models can be imported with predefined animations, but can also be driven by live motion capture streamed to Viz Engine.

Razor font rendering

Viz Engine brings font rendering to a new level of quality by utilizing the latest GPU based vector rendering technologies. Font rendering has never been sharper before at any resolution or scale factor.

Key features

  • Full SMPTE  2110 support
  • Bones & Skin support
  • HDR Support
  • Mixing NDI and SDI inputs
  • ServiceHost with WebRTC output
  • SNMP support
  • 16 Stream Inputs
  • Vector fonts

To upgrade your Viz Engine and Viz Artist to version 3.11, please refer to the Viz Engine 3.11.0 / Viz Artist 3.11.0 documentation.