Viz Engine/Viz Artist 3.12

The latest versions of Vizrt’s design tool, Viz Artist, and render engine, Viz Engine, are now available with full support for HDR and Viz Eclipse, as well as efficiency improvements.

Full Hybrid Log-Gamma HDR support

By adding live HDR input and output support as well as HDR rendering, Viz Engine brings the full range of colors per pixel and allows for a fully flexible end-to-end ultra-high-definition HDR production.

Full Viz Eclipse Support

Viz Engine will have full support for Viz Eclipse, the virtual advertisement tool, allowing rights holders to unlock new revenue streams for their productions. It will also feature improved motion blur.

Workflow enhancements

Efficiency improvements have been made on various features. This includes the dynamic allocation of I/O channels without restarting, as well as the fact that physical video input resources can be shared between multiple Viz Engines.

Key features

  • Full Hybrid Log-Gamma HDR support
  • Full Viz Eclipse Support
  • Hybrid mode (Texture + DVE) for Live Video inputs
  • Dynamic allocation of Media Assets

About Viz Artist

Viz Artist covers all areas of today’s broadcast graphics. It enables designers to build complete virtual sets as well as complex 3D animations. It even makes bread-and-butter tasks, such as building geometry and creating fonts for lower third graphics, more efficient. Add to that full support for maps and video and you have a system that takes care of all your design needs.

About Viz Engine

Viz Engine is one of today’s most powerful real-time graphics rendering engines and video servers. It renders animated 3D scenes in real-time, producing high-end animations in HD, 4K and beyond. Viz Engine functions as a powerful video and graphics compositor as well as a high-end 3D render engine.