Viz Engine 4.3

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23 Jul 2021

Viz Engine is today’s most powerful compositing and real-time 3D rendering platform – and it just got better. This major release brings functionality for graphics use-cases to perfection, simplifies and speeds up everyday workflows, and supercharges your real-time capabilities. Any of your existing scenes created with version 3.x can be utilized instantly without conversion, adjustment, or extra effort and usually performs better. It is recommended to update to Viz Engine 4.3.

All native Viz Engine render blades have received substantial performance and accuracy enhancements. In the Fusion render blade, shadows have been significantly upgraded. Phong materials are now supported, enabling the creation of simpler broadcast graphics with the Fusion Renderer. GFX-, Image- and Super Channels are now fully supported for improved workflows.

Features of Viz Engine

  • Best all-round performance
  • Razor-sharp Fusion text and easy font management
  • Scene-in-Scene functionality
  • NDI®-powered virtual graphics
  • Incredible integration with Unreal Engine®
  • Fusion Keyer fast setup
  • Redesigned Video I/O Sequence
  • New asset view in Artist

Fusion Text

The new Fusion Text excels in quality and functionality. It brings the latest version of Geometry and Razor Fonts to the Fusion Renderer, enabling users to create more text-heavy scenes in the new Fusion Render Pipeline. It incorporates an entirely new glyph shaping mechanism and solves alignment issues from the past to get the best looking 2D and 3D texts on air.
The new library management ensures you can instantly select fonts from a drag-and-drop menu in the new font library, showing font rendering previews right away.

Scene-in-Scene Functionality

You can build complex scenes using scenes you already have, turning your existing assets into your super-power by re-using all designs and artwork from any scene inside any other scene without the need to run any conversion process, massively simplifying design processes and saving time. Out of the box, native support for control applications allows for lighter and faster responses. For example, transition logic with Pilot Edge can interact with scenes directly, saving effort and time and reducing complexity.

NDI®-Powered Graphics

As of Viz Engine 4.3, you can synchronize tracking data and NDI® sources. With NDI® native control, highly accurate state-of-the-art virtual studios and augmented reality graphics can be produced, allowing intricate and complex stories to be faithfully retold and out-of-the-box setups combined with PTZ cameras running in no time.

Unreal Engine® integration

Integration with the latest version of Unreal Engine® enables synchronized multi-render workflows adding unrivalled efficiency, simplicity and control from Viz Engine. It combines the best of both worlds, for example, using the Depth of Field within Unreal Engine® controlled by Viz Engine.

Fast keyer setup with the Fusion Keyer

The Fusion Keyer is now equipped with a brand-new intelligent auto-adjustment feature that makes it easier than ever to set up, deploy and produce. Already the best colour difference keyer on the market, significant quality improvements have distanced the Fusion Keyer even further from the field.

Redesigned Video I/O Sequence

The successor of I/O V3 has been redesigned, and I/O V4 operates in a completely asynchronous manner to the Rendering thread by incorporating A/B buffering. Sports use cases already use this new system, sharing textures, depth maps and data between the two systems over a shared memory interface. I/O V4 is the default configuration for this version so that all new installations benefit from it, including support of NDI®.

Extension Plug-Ins

Viz Engine 4.3 introduces an entirely new type of plug-in interface that allows adding general functionality to the Viz Engine, so it is possible to dynamically add functionality on a container or scene level and globally available functionality simultaneously. The first examples that already make use of this new plug-in interface and come with this version are:

  • Commands via WebSockets
  • Probel control plug-in
  • Sealevel GPIO interface
  • Tally TSL control plug-in

Viz Artist

In step with Viz Engine 4.3, Viz Artist has benefited from a host of user experience and performance upgrades. Improved search and view capabilities make workflows even more efficient, freeing more time for creative endeavors. And it is available for free.

Active customers can download the installation files and release notes from the Vizrt FTP site: /products/VizEngine/VizEngine4x/Latest Individual Installers

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