Viz Engine / Viz Artist 3.14.3

This is a maintenance release with some new features and minor bugs fixes.

6 Dec 2019

New Features

  • DSX.Core / M264: Implement SRT support in Engine. (VIZENG-22191)

  • Support NDI inputs with Alpha. (VIZENG-22303)

  • Enhance support for NMOS IS-05 request handling. (VIZENG-22290)

  • Delayed execution for NMOS IS-05 output request. (VIZENG-22046)

Bug Fixes

  • Renderer

    • Engine crash on loading a different scene on a GFX channel with a scene loaded already(VIZENG-22454).

  • Video IO

    • Stabilized Sync to physical inputs on Matrox SDI boards. (VIZENG-22461)

    • Values for IP Key are not stored in the configuration. (VIZENG-22374)

    • Improved performance on Videowall setups. (VIZENG-22446)

  • Plug-ins

    • LineChart plug-in shows wrong min and max values (VIZPL-1256)

For the full release notes please visit the Vizrt FTP here following the path: /products/VizEngine/VizEngine3x/Latest Individual Installers/