Viz Engine 3.14 & Viz Artist 3.14

Vizrt has released a Viz Engine & Viz Artist product update which includes some new key features letting you enhance IP based workflows even further.

The product release for Viz Engine 3.14 contains features such as NDI workflow using Matrox SDK, IP enhancement like NMOS IS-05 support, support for X.mio5 , support for nVidia Turing GPUs .

NDI Workflow with Matrox

With this release Viz Engine now supports video wall NDI workflow using Martox DSX.Core.


This release also brings important IP enhancement with NMOS IS-05 support. AMWA’s NMOS IS-05 specifications bring enhanced connection management capabilities with a richer set of features. This includes a large number of connection operations in a single request and allows the scheduling of connections to use simultaneous connection operations to be synchronized across multiple devices.

X.mio5 support

This release adds support for Matrox’s X.mio5 NIC. With this addition and the capability to process even higher bandwidths, Vizrt are enhancing the most advanced IP-based broadcast graphics solution to support multi-channel HD and UHD workflows.

For full release notes on this product update please visit the Viz Engine 3.14 release notes.