Viz Eclipse Heartbeat Monitor_2

Viz Eclipse 2.3

Vizrt has released the latest edition of the virtual advertising solution

Vizrt has released the latest edition of the virtual advertising solution, Viz Eclipse 2.3, with significant quality and functionality improvements.

Viz Eclipse is the pioneering solution that allows overlaying field-side static or dynamic perimeter LED boards in real-time with virtually enhanced advertising. Vizrt is offering Viz Eclipse as part of its Sports Solution portfolio, empowering sports federations, rights owners, sponsors and broadcasters to smartly and cost-effectively target their audiences and unlock additional revenues.

More Animated Board Assets

In some territories and leagues – like Italy, Spain or Latin America – fast-changing animated sponsor assets on the perimeter boards are standard. Based on current use cases of Viz Eclipse, the technology has been updated to now handle extremely quick LED asset animations, which provides access to many new markets and many more minutes of replaced content among those leagues. Version 2.3. also provides improvements to support more asset designs and animations.

Heartbeat Monitor

Viz Eclipse now includes Heartbeat, a new web-based monitoring application, allowing the operator to oversee the health status of the system components at any time. The system detects problems and indicates steps to resolve these during live production.
Heartbeat continually monitors the status of each device and instantly provides error notifications in case of problems, directly indicating the corresponding system that needs reviewing. Monitoring includes a multi-viewer screen to review the different outputs that are produced during the production.

Advanced Cut Detection (ACD)

The Advanced Cut Detection (ACD) automatically detects camera cuts and wipes with unmatched precision to guarantee a seamless production integration for the virtual board assets into the program feed. It now also supports broadcast formats in 59.94 Hz frequency, which has successfully been used during the last NBA season for the virtual signage insertion on the bubble courts in Orlando.

AI-based data framework

Viz Eclipse 2.3 now contains an AI database framework that builds the basis to easily re-train new neural nets/AI Keyers for different use cases and sports.

Please visit the Vizrt FTP server for release notes, manuals and installer and follow the path products/VizEclipse/Viz_Eclipse_2.3.0