Viz Libero 8.0

Release Overview

Explore the new benefits of Viz Libero 8

On-demand Demo – Sports analysis made fast and easy

Timing and speed are vital for creating content and getting it on air, and in a live sports environment, the rapid ability to react is critical to keep the audience engaged and entertained. The latest update of Viz Libero, the world’s most powerful sports analysis software, focuses specifically on empowering the operator to work fast by enhancing the user experience and substantially reducing the turn-around time for creating pre-, post, and in-game analysis content.

Propelled by the input of producers and users of Viz Libero, the UI is more powerful and more intuitive, with faster interactions and fewer clicks. Features like zooming when placing elements, preview and one-click playout enhance productivity and accuracy for incredibly fast and error-free near-live content production.

New Graphics User Interface

Viz Libero is an operator tool, and the ability of the operator to move fast and deliver compelling content is a true competitive advantage for the broadcaster. The sleek new Graphics User Interface puts all functionalities at the user’s fingertips – selecting video, calibration, adding and previewing graphics, or exporting clips – and enables instantaneous switching between the different steps in the workflow. System settings have been merged to be easily found and applied on the fly.

Simpler and faster

Being fast does not help the audience experience if you cannot be accurate and deliver precise, high-quality content as well. A new preview functionality, available during the complete workflow, adds to precision when calibrating, keying, or 3D camera flight editing to instantly see the effects in the final clip without rendering. The enhanced NLE editor, with its clearer structure and improved visibility, allows faster access and error-free adjustments to all relevant elements on the timeline, including better visibility of selected camera, virtual elements, and speed in fixed sections.

Easier to learn

A broad user base provides security in execution and removes staffing bottlenecks. The streamlined design of Viz Libero 8 can be adopted quickly by new users, and within only a few minutes, they can operate the tool. With fewer costs and time for training, you can quickly grow your user base for more flexibility.