Viz One 7.1.1 with Studio 7.0.1

Maintenance release of Viz One 7.1.1 with Studio 7.0.1. These release include:


  • Improvements to documentation
  • A fix to the way activemq handles writing topics
  • Fixes to the Viz One and keycloak integration
  • A fix to resolve duplication of logtracks as part of the Viz One and Adobe Premiere integration


  • Improvements to log tab layout
  • Performance improvements relating to transfer destination calls
  • Search and saved search fixes
  • Rundown view issues fixed

Maintenance release of Coder 3.2.1, with a number of bug fixes including 

  • Performance data web page generation fails (CODER-3612)
  • Transcode failures on Viz One 7.1 RC (CODER-3602)
  • Fix ardok store to handle mxf files with no per-frame TC (CODER-3600)
  • Network capabilities do not come up after reboot (CODER-3509)

For full release note please visit the FTP site
products/Viz One/Latest Versions/Viz One/
/products/Viz One/Latest Versions/Individual Installers and Docs/Studio
/products/Viz One/Latest Versions/Individual Installers and Docs/Coder