Viz Pilot Edge 2.0 Header

Viz Pilot Edge 2 – a part of the Vizrt Newsroom Suite

Vizrt’s newsroom content creation system now includes a comprehensive template layout tool and supports advanced graphics with transition logic

Viz Pilot Edge is Vizrt’s template-based, cross-platform newsroom content creation system for journalists to independently create, manage, and deliver high volumes of top-quality stories with world-class broadcast graphics.

It serves as the core content control system for all users in the news operation ensuring speed, flexibility and a consistent look with stunning, brand consistent graphics in a streamlined workflow that allows for changes until the minute the story goes on air.

Viz Pilot Edge is a tool for the modern newsroom. The web client is designed with an intuitive interface built on MOS standards with integration to all major newsroom computer systems. It is perfectly suited for a distributed workforce of journalists and can be accessed and operated from the road or from home with no local installation required.

Take your newsroom to the next level

Viz Pilot Edge 2 offers designers comprehensive professional graphic template design and layout capabilities that enable journalists to safely use complex and advanced graphics in their fast-paced work environment.

Layout Editor

The brand-new Layout Editor helps designers create templates that are even more intuitive for journalists to use. With a simple drag-and-drop functionality, designers can quickly and easily create a custom graphic template fill-in form and lay out the templates to match how the end graphic will look. Multiple tabs with different field types can be defined to help journalists avoid mistakes when adding content, allowing anyone to use complex graphics scenes with confidence.

Transition Logic Support

Vizrt originally created transition logic in broadcasting to allow the building of intelligent graphics that will gracefully animate in and out, and transition automatically to and from one another. This design-based, code-free method delivers a more professional result to the audience and is easier to work with for the broadcaster. With transition logic support in Viz Pilot Edge 2, designers can use the Template Builder to create new templates, import scenes with transition logic and create new combo templates containing scenes with multiple layers. Viz Pilot Edge 2 uses Viz Engine 4.2, taking full advantage of its power. Combined with the newest Preview Server, this enables the use of several new features including support for Transition Logic Templates and the Layout Editor.

Vizrt Newsroom Suite

Viz Pilot Edge is at the core of Vizrt Newsroom Suite, one of five recently launched Flexible Access Suites. The Vizrt Newsroom Suite is a future-proof, software-based solution that enables broadcasters and media organizations to adapt to changing challenges or business environments quickly. Balanced software plans allow scaling the multi-client solution for newsrooms of any size while decreasing upfront investment and operational risk. Optional components offer an easy upgrade path for even more enhancements, like Social Media Visualization and Integration of maps.

Installation Files and Release Notes

Active customers can download the installation files, release notes and driver requirements from the FTP server: Vizrt FTP at /products/VizPilotEdge/LatestVersion.