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Viz Trio 4

Everything you need to know about the new Viz Trio 4 in one demo

The latest major release of the most widely used graphics control application in the world, Viz Trio, introduces a brand-new interface with customizable sections and an improved data-integration workflow.

More control with the new customizable interface

The brand-new interface is flexible with detachable sections to accommodate to the operator’s style and production/OB van set-up. Users can take advantage of this custom feature to create a look that will give them clearer overview of their playlists and pages. This results in finding and playing out the right graphics quicker and simpler than ever before, giving the operator more control over their graphics, templates, pagelists and playlists.

More control of your data sources with the improved data-integration

The straightforward data-integration gives the possibility for any operator to connect a live data source and populate real-time graphics with the needed information. This enables adding powerful and engaging data to the live broadcast, while at the same time saving time and resources for the overall production. This feature works with Viz Engine 4.1.1 and newer releases.

More control of your Viz Pilot Edge elements for last minute production changes

With the latest version, users can open Viz Pilot Edge directly from Viz Trio and edit their elements. The changes will be saved back to the Viz Pilot database, ensuring a collaborative workflow between the newsroom and gallery, and better control of all the elements and templates.

More control of your pagelists for faster and easier search

The tab field list is now hierarchical and sortable. Just by clicking on the field name the view will be sorted based on the name, type, description, or value. This significantly speeds up the process of finding the needed field in substantial page lists and gives more control to quickly edit and check the right field.

More control of your future production workflows

The whole backbone code has been rebuilt from the ground up. Viz Trio 4 runs on a 64bit architecture which contributes to increased robustness of the application and lays the foundation for fast-paced future innovation and easier maintenance of the code.

Other new improvements:

  • New and improved installer
  • Added possibility to configure VDCP over Ethernet
  • Support for Superchannels
  • Added option to set a playout delay to viz handlers. This is useful in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality scenarios
  • New macro command page:save_thumbnail to explicitly save a thumbnail of the current content of the preview renderer
  • The setting “Create page icons from preview when saving Trio pages” has been reintroduced

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