Viz Virtual Studio 1.4.0

This is a product release for Viz Virtual Studio with new features and improvements.

The Lens File Editor is now more versatile as it has become a web application that can work in a browser on various devices from anywhere. Managing and controlling content production with Viz Engine and any camera on the network can be accomplished without being on-site where a Viz Engine is physically located.

Calibration with the Lens File Editor has been made simpler, easier, and faster. The number of tasks that have to be processed in order to calibrate a lens have been significantly reduced with fewer points of calibration required and the ability to save set up data.

Studio Camera Setup

This functionality has been combined with an improved user interface experience. Editor operations are easier to understand, and improved functionality includes better communication while performing calibrations. New marks on the monitor permit camera operators to quickly adjust the Focus and Zoom with no need for further communication between the operator and technicians.

Studio Lens Editor 1

A new high availability function automates the synchronization of main/backup redundancy. This greatly improves security and reduces maintenance time. The backup tracking hub provides immediate failover without interruption if a failure of the main system occurs.

Please refer to the full release notes on the Vizrt FTP following the path: /products/VizTrackingHub/Latest Individual Installers/Release Notes Viz Virtual Studio 1.4.0