Vizrt Social TV solution 1.5

The latest version of Vizrt’s social media management tool is released with support for Facebook reactions, a live updating service, and an improved ticker feeder.

Facebook Reactions

Facebook reactions (like, love, haha, angry etc.) can now be extracted from Facebook posts and displayed in Feed Streamer, a component of the Social TV solution. The reactions and comments to a post can be incorporated into a graphics scene which can be updated live, as Facebook users react to a post.

Ticker feeder

The Vizrt Social TV can synchronize messages between social feeds and ticker carousels. This synchronization is accomplished through a service running on the Social TV solution server. The service has an intuitive web interface letting the user select sources and monitor the synchronization.

Live update service

The DataHub now acts as an external Update Service end-point. This means that graphics taken on air automatically can be updated with the latest data from the social feed.

Installer, Documentation and Tutorials

Download installation files from the Vizrt ftp in the products/VizSocialTV/Latest Version folder.

Read the fully updated documentation in our Documentation Center.